Ancient Moors in America | We Didn't Land On Plymouth Rock Because We Were Already Here

indigenous moors in america

I originally wrote this on my personal Facebook page as a note but it's very much applicable to this site so I thought I'd share it here as well.  There is another article on here that talks about this subject and has a 400 year old book that talks about how America is the original Egypt. This was written in the 1600s by European explorers mind you.  Here is the link to that article.

You know one of the biggest lies perpetrated is that we were all brought over here on slave ships from Africa.  Seriously, it is a huge deal.  Everything is hidden in plain sight too.  They always act like the Native Americans are almost extinct, like they are less than 1% of the population.

When Christopher Columbus landed in the West Indies, he described the people on the islands as dark skin people like the Ethiopians.  California was populated by black people as well.  Europeans who sailed to America described and drew pictures of the people of America as a dark skin and copper colored with Afros, long hair, or wavy hair.
this is what the black californians look like
Black Californians
pharell native controversyBlack people lived in North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean, before any slave ships ever arrived here which is why Columbus described the dark skin natives as looking like Ethiopians.  Don't fall for the fake outrage at people like Pharell Williams for embracing his Native American roots.

It's ridiculous that white people masquerading as the true natives are able to do this.  The last thing they need are so-called African Americans realizing who we are and getting some of the billions of dollars generated by the casino gaming industry.

There already are some black people that claim their roots and have been able to get into this lucrative industry and it pisses the fake Indians off.  I'll speak more on that in a different article but this runs deep.  Trust me this is possibly the biggest lie perpetrated by this government and the lie is  beginning to crumble down.

The Numbers Simply Don't Add Up!!!

According to "Slave Statistics" by Hugh Thomas published in 1997 by Simon and Schuster somewhere around 500,000 Africans were transported to North America between 1619-1865. But because of the horrible conditions the Africans were packed in on the slave ships half of them died during the journey.

This means that the actual amount of Africans that made it to North America alive was between 250,000-300,000 over a period of 240 years.  If so few Africans were brought over to North America why are there so many African Americans living here today?  In 2013 US Census Bureau estimated 45 million African Americans in the United States.  No other group in the US had a growth rate this high!


What Makes Us Moors | How Are We Moorish Americans

After reading this you should have a thorough understanding of why so many African-Americans are starting to call themselves Moorish Americans.

I did not write most of the material in this article, but I wanted to share it because the site that it was on originally, which I will share below did not have a lot of traffic, so most have not been exposed to this information.

It contains a lot of credible information about the history of Moorish Americans and makes a valiant effort to explain why the so-called African American, and most "black" people of the Caribbean, North, Central, and South America are actually Moorish Americans.

I also shared information in this article from the great author and teacher CM Bey's Clock of Destiny site and Dr. Alim El Bey, which speaks on this topic as well.

What Makes us Moors Moorish Americans

How Are We Moorish Americans | What Makes Us Moors


I am going to teach you something that you did not know about yourself, something that has been hinted at, and guessed at, and poked at, and everything but made fully known to you, as it should have always been.

I am going to teach you the true and divine "knowledge" of yourself, historically speaking.

today they have you calling yourself everything but what you are, and so, you are never able to take your proper place in the national and international affairs of men all over the world. you have been mentally robbed of your inalienable, inherent and invincible manhood, by being robbed of your nationhood.

this robbery did not begin with Slavery (the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade), it began 800 years earlier.

in 711 AD, the "Moors" (also called "Berbers" at tht point), who are the original people of West Africa deciding to expand their Moorish Empire went from Africa into Europe, from Morocco into Spain, and conquered most of Spain except for the very North.

for 800 (700 AD - 1400 AD) the Moors ruled over Spain, and brought the greatest civilization known in Europe into existence. what the Moors did in Spain was taken to the rest of Europe by the Spaniards and began what they now call the Renaissance (which means "rebirth") to Europe, bringing them out of their "Dark Ages", a term they took from the Moslems (Moors of West Africa), because in Islam there is the teaching that before Prophet Mohammed was raised in Mecca, Arabia with the Great Koran (Al-Quran Al-Adhiym) the whole of Arabia was under what is called its "Jahaliyyah" period, which is a period of darkness and ignorance ruling over the people.

Moorish Americans

so the Wisdom, Science, teachings of the Moors (the Moslems) in Spain brought a New Light to them, and the rest of Europe, as they saw what we were doing, and copied it to the fullest. this ended their own "Jahaliyyah" (darkness/ignorance) all over the continent of Europe. it is literally the Science of the Moors (who were all Moslems) that began to raise them up, and this is a historical fact.

now, the whole time the Moors (Moslems) were in Spain, the Spanish, French, Italians, and English were trying to bring Spain back under the rule of the Spaniards. and finally in the lte 1400s the Spaniards, with help from their European brothers, finally defeated the Moors in the beginning of 1492.

upon defeating the Moors (Moslems from West Africa), the Spaniards gave them Moors two options, return to West Africa, or stay in Spain under the rule of the Royal Family of Spain as "Spaniards" (subjects of the king and queen), but they forsake their allegiance to their own Moorish Empire, and they must become "Catholics" (the first "Christians") at that time. most of the Moors went home to West Africa, but some betrayed their people and stayed in Spain under those conditions, they became known as "Mosricos", and the people in Spain that were related to the "Moriscos" (the spanish word for Moorish) were called "Morenos".


Minnesota Protester Declares: We Are Moorish American | America is Actually Africa 👳🏽‍♀️

My synopsis on an interesting video clip that I saw shared online recently in which a protester claimed that "African Americans" are actually indigenous to North America and should be referred to as Moorish Americans.

moorish american minnesota protester africa is america
I'm not going to lie, I was put off by the emotional delivery that the protestor had, but, for the most part he was speaking the truth.  For that reason, what he said cannot be discounted.

WTF is Going on With "Black People"???!!! 😕😕

An alternative media outlet called Unicorn Riot shared footage of people protesting the not guilty verdict of the police officer that lynched Philando Castile in cold blood in Minnesota.  The original video was over two hours long. (SOURCE)

In a short clip on Facebook poking fun at a single protester's frustration with the verdict we witnessed a poignant diatribe that has begun to go viral.

protester kang moorish american

Most of the commenters were making fun of what the protester said.  To the average person, be they "American" or foreigner, what this man had to say would sound crazy.  I get it too, people have no idea why "African Americans" are starting to say that they are Israelites or Moorish Americans.  In addition to this, many are now stating that they are the original indigenous inhabitants of the Americas.







The Primitive Black Nations of America | The Americas Were Populated by Black People

An often ignored and forgotten part of American history is the fact that Europeans encountered dark-skinned people (later referred to as negroes) when they arrived on the shores of North, South, and Central America. This passage, taken from professor Constantine Rafinesque's publication, Atlantic Journal and Friend of Knowledge, details the various "Black Nations" that existed pre-Columbus in America.

Atlantic Journal and Friend of Knowledge was based off of over 33 years of travel and research by the esteemed professor.

"The Primitive Black Nations of America."
By Professor C. S. Rafinesque.

"The Society of Geography having offered a reward for the best memoir on the Origin of the Asiatic Negroes, I sent them last year two Memoirs; one on those Asiatic Negroes,'wherein I demonstrated the affinities of their languages with the African and Polynesian Negroes, as well as with the Hindus and Chinese, and renders it probable that all the Negroes originated in the Southern Slopes of the Himalaya Mountains, as they did once exist all over India, South China, Japan, Persia and Arabia.

My second Memoir was on the Negro or Black Nations, found in America before Columbus, wherein I proved their existence and connection by language with the Negroes of Africa and Polynesia. These Memoirs have been rewarded by the learned Society of Geography, with a gold medal of 100 Francs, which was lately communicated to me by Messrs Warden, our former Consul in Paris, and Jomard member of the Institute. This gratifying intelligence will be acceptable to all my friends, and furnish another proof of my ability to unravel at last, the origins of all the American Nations and Tribes, in pursuing the path which I have opened, by comparing all the Languages mathematically and numerically with each other.

To many, this fact of old Black Nations in America will be new, yet it is an important feature of American History, as well as the existence of primitive White Nations there still more numerous. To furnish a kind of insight into this subject. I will here merely enumerate the Black tribes of which I have found evident traces and remains in North and South America.

1. The Ancient Caracols of Hayti, represented as a Nation of Beasts by the Historical Songs, see Roman
and Martyr.

2. The Califurnaims of the Carib Islands, called Black Caribs or Guanini by others, are a black branch of Caribs. See Rochefort, Herrera, &c.

3. The Arguahos of Cutara mentioned by Garcias in the West Indies, quite black.

4. The black Aroras of Raleigh, or Yaruras of the Spaniards, ugly
black or brown Negroes, yet existing near the Oronoco, and language known, called Monkeys by their neighbors.

5. Chaymas of Guyana, brown Negroes like Hottentots, see Humboldt.

6. The Mangipas and Porcigis of Nienhof, the Motayas of Knivet are all of Brazil, brown Negroes with curly hair. See also Vespucius and Pigafetta.

7. The Nigritas of Martyr in Darien, yet existing in Choco under the name of Chuanas or Gaunas or Chinos (Dariente). Ugly black or red Negroes.

8. The Manabies of Popayan (in Columbia) blackish with Negro features and hair. See Stevenson.

9. The Guabas and Jaras of Tagugalpa (Tegucigalpa) near the Honduras. . See Juaros, &c., now called Zambos.

10. The Enslen or Esteros of New California, ugly blackish Negroes See Vanegas, Langsdorf, &c.

11. The Black Indians met by the Spaniards in Louisiana in 1543. See Soto's invasion.

12. The Moon-eyed Negroes, and Albinos, destroyed by the Cherokees, and seen in Panama. Barton, &c. Among these the Yarura language has 50 per cent of anal with t e Gauna, 40 percent with e- Ashanty qr Fanty of Guinea, and about 33.per cent with the Fulah, Bornu and Congo languages of Africa. In Asia it has 39 per cent of numerical affinity with the Samang Negroes, and 40 per cent with the Negroes of Andaman as well as those of Australia or New Holland. All this and many other details are given at length, proved by authorities and compared Vocabularies, in my Memoir."

Read the entire thing here:


Rafinesque, C. S. (Constantine Samuel), 1783-1840. Atlantic journal, and friend of knowledge [microform] : in eight numbers : containing about 160 original articles and tracts on natural and historical sciences, the description of about 150 new plants, and 100 new animals or fossils ; many vocabularies of languages, historical and geological facts, &c. &c. &c. (Kindle Locations 4173-4193). Philadelphia : [s.n.].


Rapper Tyga is a Moorish American | Check Out His FB Post About His Moorish History and Heritage

tyga moorish american
Rapper and owner of Last Kings clothing stores Tyga, knows that so-called African Americans are the Moors.  Check out this post he made on Facebook about his Moorish heritage.  Here's the text from the post:

Control your own destiny. Be your own leader. Know where you come from. it's in my bloodline to be a ‪#‎LastKing‬ . This is early picture of a Moor with a tiger. We as a culture been doing this for 1000s of years. ‪#‎Moors‬ ‪#‎LastKings‬ ‪#‎Africa‬


State of Black America | #BlackLivesMatter Rant | Moorish Lives Matter

Black people (who are in actuality Moorish Americans) are literally living the real-life version of the movie The Purge. That is the present-day State of Black America that we are currently living in. This is an in-depth discussion about the killings (modern-day lynchings) of unarmed black men. Actually this is about the lynchings of unarmed black men, women and children by racist police officers as well as shootings by white civilians. Why are they protected by the law when whites murder black people in cold blood?

Are these lynchings of black people a new phenomenon? Are we heading towards some race war or Armageddon? Or is this something far more sinister that has been going on for a long time?