ancient america

Ancient Moors in America | We Didn't Land On Plymouth Rock Because We Were Already Here

1:06 PM
ancient america

What Makes Us Moors | How Are We Moorish Americans

2:11 PM
black indians

Order of the Black Panther in Ancient America | It's All About You | Wakanda's in America! | Black Panther and Nationality

12:08 AM
current events

Negro - Black Means Slave By Law | Moorish American Not "Black or Negro"

9:42 PM
current events

You Can't Start Us At 1492. We Were Always Here | Isiah Thomas

5:59 PM
current events

Even Google Knows About Moorish Americans | Google Knows Who You Are πŸ˜†πŸ˜…

9:11 PM
black indigenous

Rappers And Other Celebrities Are Waking Up | Moors On The Rise

8:56 PM

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