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Proper Flag Protocol For Moorish American Moslems

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 I just want to preface this by saying this speaks on the proper flag protocol for Moorish American Moslems that follow their Prophet Noble Drew Ali to a destiny that is neither uncertain nor unknown.

Noble Drew Ali US and Moorish flags Moorish Science Temple of America flag protocol

Our Prophet said, "Don't mix our teachings with the eastern teachings because you may have to take our teachings and straighten out our brothers in the east."

On that note I would like to share my response to a comment on our Instagram account (@MoorsinAmerica) that asserted we had the flags positioned incorrectly. 

Why Moorish Americans Fly the Moorish Flag on the Left and USA Flag on the Right

It is improper protocol, and would be seen as an act of treason to fly the flags with the Moorish flag on the right. The Prophet set us up to succeed and build our nation unimpeded upon. He made it clear that we are NOT striking out against the US government, nor are we saying that we are not citizens of the USA, as he said over and over again on the record that we are citizens of the USA.

I know these are just words from me, so I will share the Prophet's works below to show and prove. Act 4 of our Additional Laws show that we are not to make any assertion against the American flag.


   * the action of stating something or exercising authority confidently and forcefully.

ACT 4. – All members while making a public speech must not use any assertion against the American Flag or speak radical against the church or any member of any organized group, because we are to teach Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. 1

Historical Examples of the Prophet With the Flags

Many Moors will point to this image of the Prophet holding the flags while ignoring the fact that he took this image while in Mexico.

The image of the Prophet wearing the sombrero and holding the flags with (possibly) the Moorish flag in the dominant position is because he was overseas in Mexico. He was following proper protocol in displaying the flag on his right as he was representing his people (Moorish Americans) in a foreign land.  We cannot see the flag clearly, so he could have been holding one of the state flags for Mexico. That article below states that the Prophet was given the Governor's flag in Mexico. Its possible that he was holding a Mexican Governor's flag next to the American flag.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali holding flags on trip to Mexico next to an old article about his trip

This image shows the Prophet in his office with the flags behind him in proper position. It looks like the Moorish flag is on his right, however Moors that assume this ignore the fact that the flags are positioned in front of a window and are backwards. They are backwards so that people on the outside of the office see the flags in proper position and facing the correct way. It let people outside the building know they were at the Moorish Science Temple of America, and the flags from the outside would have the American flag on the right.

Prophet and Secretary in office with Moorish and American flags behind them

If you look at the clip from Taharka Bey, he demonstrates this in his own house.

Historical Examples from the 1928 and 1929 Annual Conventions of the Moorish Science Temple of America Displaying Proper Flag Protocol

These images from the 2nd Annual Convention also show the flags flown in proper protocol. Say what you want, but I highly doubt Brother E. Mealy El had went astray and tried to subvert the movement, especially since he was one of the only ones that held it down and tried to keep the Moors on the same course set by the Prophet.

closeup picture of moors at 1929 annual convention with moorish and american flag position in view

full image of 1929 msta convention with moors and flags in the background visible

If we truly follow our Prophet there is no denying the following Moorish Guide article from 1928 concerning the Moorish parade at the first Annual Convention. The article mentions the American flag on the right and the flag of our ancestors (Moorish flag) on the other side.
Just in case those photos are not clear enough please view the following photos. These photos from the first Convention in 1928 are very clear. They were shared by the Facebook page of the Moorish Science Temple of America Branch Temple 11 based in Syracuse, NY. You can clearly see the Prophet Noble Drew Ali and the flag placement behind him. The photos are split in two, but it is actually a long panoramic picture that was taken at 37th and Federal in Chicago.
very clear detailed photo of prophet noble drew ali and the moors at the first annual convention in 1928 showing the moorish and american flags

1928 photo from the first convention of the moorish science temple of america

Without a single doubt or contradiction Prophet Noble Drew Ali was at our first Annual Convention and keenly aware of the flag positioning in the parade.

moorish guide article speaking about first convention in 1928 that tells of proper flag positions

More from Bro Taharka Bey on this topic.

Conclusion on Proper Flag Protocol For Moorish Americans

We are not to pretend that we are in a superior position. Our nation is in disarray. It would be disingenuous to assert that our nation is currently in a position of prominence. True Moorish American Moslems do not disrespect the American flag in any way, shape, form, or fashion!

Public Law 94-344, known as the Federal Flag Code, contains rules for handling and displaying the U.S. flag.

When carried in procession with other flags the U.S. flag should be either on the marching right (the flag’s right) or to the front and center of the flag line.

When displayed with another flag against a wall from crossed staffs, the U.S. flag should be on its own right (left to a person facing the wall) and its staff should be in front of the other flag’s staff. 2

As far as public meetings go, Moorish Americans fly the American flag in the position of prominence, which is on the flag's right, with the Moorish flag of our ancestors on the left. Private meetings are totally different.

This is the understanding and agreement that Prophet Noble Drew Ali established with the government of the United States of America that allows us to build our nation unimpeded upon and without being accused of treason. We are not anti-goverment or against the USA. Moors can do whatever they want, but true Moorish Americans that follow Prophet Noble Drew Ali to a destiny that is neither uncertain nor unknown follow in his clearly cut footprints.

1. Additional Laws of the MSTA
2. https://www.va.gov/opa/publications/celebrate/flagdisplay.pdf

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