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Leave The World Behind Moorish Breakdown & Decode

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 movie poster of leave the world behind with the words baal highlighted in the star actors names

Moorish American Breakdown & Decode of Leave The World Behind

This was a descent apocalyptic film with a great cast of A-list actors. On the surface it shows two American families, one of European descent and the other comprised of an African American man and his daughter, who are forced to work together due to a cyber attack being carried out on America by foreign terrorists. There is far much more going on beneath the surface though.

This article discusses what is occurring beneath the surface. There will be spoilers so proceed with caution.

Spoilers Ahead

decode of leave the world behind

The owner of the home that Julia Robert's was renting via Airbnb was George Scott, played by Mahershala Ali. Ali's character shows up to his home with his daughter, whose name was Ruth (as in Ruth the Moabitess). They mention that his wife and Ruth's mom was in Morocco.


explanation that the character george flips through radio stations and stops on 1619 the date when africans were first enslaved in america and the ship that crashed on the beach had the name white lion which is the name of the first slave ship
visual depiction of the radio screen showing 1619  and the white lion ship crashing on the beach




The ship that crashed was named White Lion. 🚢 The White Lion was allegedly the 1st slave ship. The radio was broadcasting station 1619. 1619 is supposed to be when the 1st Africans were brought to the Americas as indentured servants by the European colonists.

scene showing the white lion ship crashing and a wikipedia entry about the white lion being the first slave ship in colonial history of the united states

Quiet as kept there's an awakening occurring in America right now amongst the former slaves who are waking up to their Moorish American identity even though it's not being covered by the mainstream media.  Moorish Americans have the titles El and Bey, which is signified front  & center on the movie poster in the star's names which spell out  Baal, in other words the Canaanite deity whose descendants carried the title Baal, or Bey.

The movie poster also says "there's no going back to normal". Julia  Roberts' character could not believe that the lavish mansion they were staying in belonged to the Asiatic Moabite (Mahershala ALI) and his daughter Ruth, the Moabitess. The European family's daughter, who symbolizes the youth, would rather watch the TV show Friends in an underground bunker, in other words, fantasize about the good old days of the 1990s, than deal with the current or present reality.

Whether people perceive what's being depicted or not, the Moors of  America are rising and will be regaining control of their vast estate.  While this is occurring America is being attacked by foreign enemies abroad and domestically. More countries are signing up to work with the BRICS alliance to topple the big, bad bully on the block, the USA. All  of this is being played out in our faces while those behind the scenes pulling the strings use the media to show the plot to the public through subliminal messages.

Oh yeah check this little tidbit out, the movie was produced by Barack and Michelle Obama!



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