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Rio Negro in West Africa (West Amexem) Questionnaire Key Shows America is West Amexem

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map of the continents fitting together showing how northwest amexem is actually north america

For those still wondering whether or not North America is Northwest Amexem, check out this dialogue from our Moorish American Facebook group.

Since truth cannot change - Key 33 and Key 86 must be understood in terms of Amexem being (Africa and America connected) "before the earthquake" as mentioned in Chapt 47:6:

Key 33. What is the modem name for Amexem? Africa.

Key 49. Can TRUTH change? TRUTH cannot change, or pass away.

Key 86. Negro, a name given to a river in West Africa by the Moors, because it contains black water. (<-- the only key in the questionnaire which is not a question)

"6. Their [Moabite] dominion and inhabitation extended from North-East and South-West Africa, across great Atlantis even unto the present North, South, and Central America and also Mexico and the Atlantis Islands; BEFORE THE GREAT EARTHQUAKE, which caused the great Atlantic Ocean."


map showing how the Americas fit in with Africa and the Negro River in Amexem
Moorish Guide Vol. 88, 2016

More on Amexem also including the Americas

Prophet Noble Drew Ali is giving an encoded geography lesson that should not be forgotten, and must be strictly preserved as law. The lessons of the questionnaire are absolute truth. The questionnaire elaborates on the Koran with coded substitution. This coding (on one level) is simple algebraic substitution...

If A = Z, then A + B = Z + B

Keys 32 & 85, and 33 & 86 are specifically linked to one another.

Key 32. Where is the Moroccan Empire? NORTHWEST Amexem.

Key 85. Name some of the marks that were put upon the MOORS of NORTHWEST by the European nations in I 774. Negro, Black, Colored and Ethiopian.

(Northwest what? Northwest Amexem. How do we know? We were given those names, not our brothers in Africa. See Chapt 47:17 states: "That is why the nationality of the Moors was taken away from them in ((1774)) and the word NEGRO, BLACK and COLORED, was given to the Asiatics OF AMERICA who were of Moorish descent"... )

Key 33. What is the modem name for Amexem? Africa.

Key 86. Negro, a name given to a river in WEST Africa by the Moors, because it contains black water.

(Amexem is the true and divine name of Africa (Chapt 47:2). However, Amexem was its name before the earthquake that caused the Atlantic ocean (when Africa and America were one). That is why Key 86 points out the Negro River is in West Africa, but we know it is in South America. So the Keys are telling you that South America is ancient West Africa, before the earthquake, and the Moors of Northwest Amexem gave the river that name)

This is a true geography lesson to decolonize our minds. That is why verse 13 of chapter 47 states:

"47:13. These laws are to be strictly preserved by the members of all the Temples, of the Moorish Science Temple of America."

ancient atlantis or amexen map showing connection of the continents


Noble Drew Ali, Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Chapter 47. 1928
Moorish Guide Vol 88. Issue 1, January 15, 2016

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  1. Islam Moor how can I get a copy of this info. And is Bailey El the authentic SGS how can I get proof of that.

    1. Respectuflly, contact the MSTA. The website is http://MSTofA.net
      You can actually get answers to both questions there, even the info on Rio Negro. I actually cited Moorish Guide Vol 88 for some of the information.

  2. https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/the-giant-muurs-that-ruled-the-americas/amp/


    I share your website 24/7 and would like to hear your take on Grigori Muurs and Hebrews discovered America


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