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Montauk Indians Declared Too Black To Be Native In Court In 1910

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montauk tribe wyandank pharaoh pocohontas
Montauk Tribe Royal family reclassified to negro and Montauk tribe declared extinct in Supreme Court 🤦🏽

Paper Genocide

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Want to find out how the TRUE Native Americans really were wiped out by the European colonists?  Read and share this post.  For the most part the genocide of the autochthonous Americans was done with semantics, or in other words, paper genocide.

paper genocide map

Is all this talk of African Americans ("blacks" in North, South, and Central America) actually being the true indigenous Americans new to you?  If you think this is some new phenomenon or simply a case of "black" people being ashamed of their African heritage, then you, my friend, have bought the lies hook, line, and sinker.

There is a paper trail showing how the courts were used to strip the Algonquians of their land by re-designating the living tribal members as negroes and mulattoes and then officially declaring the tribes extinct, which relinquished the Europeans of honoring the land agreements in place with the tribes.

You have to ignore the millions of people erroneously referred to as African Americans (such as myself) that have oral family history and traditions of Indian heritage and tribal descent.  You also have to ignore the so-called African Americans such as the various Mardi Gras Indian tribes that have been carrying on their tribal traditions for thousands of years.  Finally, you also have to ignore the paper trail left by court documents and laws that legally declared full-blooded tribes as negroes.  The situation was so hostile for copper-colored people that basically anyone that wanted to steal their land, or even enslave them, in the case of slave catchers that enslaved free people of color, all they had to do was accuse the Indian they wanted to get over on of being a negro.

An example of this occurred in modern-day Long Island, New York, where the Montauk Indians had a land dispute between settlers that wanted to infringe on the land agreement they had which gave them perpetual rights to their ancestral land in Montauk Peninsula.  In a courtroom, the Supreme Court Judge Abel Blackmar questioned whether the remaining Montauketts in the area had any right to be called Indians at all.  With nearly 80 tribe members standing in the courtroom, including the Montauk Indian Chief, Wyandank Pharaoh, Judge Blackmar had the nerve to declare the Montauk Indians extinct.

State Supreme Court Justice Abel Blackmar (YES, his name was really Blackmar, as in blackmoor/blackamore. I'm not making this up!)  There is a paper trail, court cases and records of real live indigenous people being declared too "black" to be Indians and their tribes being declared extinct.

Edited version of the documentary above:


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  1. I've subscribed to youtube channel and follow Twitter and I as well as My follow Moors appreciate your work on awakening a lost heritage but we still barely scratched the surface of this Awakening Process. This website is slept on by Millions of Moors who rather be called Black SMH.

    1. Peace and Thanks. Yes this information needs to go viral! Please help spread it, it will take an entire community working together to get this information out.
      The mainstream society is not going to teach this! It's up to us! Book coming soon!

  2. please contact me by email....I exactly like one of the people in the article I mean exactly
    is there some other way to contact you I would like more info about these people.. it's uncanny how much the female who is standing and I look alike I'm telling you my family is in awe..

    1. Peace email me at Bey@MoorsinAmerica.com
      Send a picture. Some members of the Pharoah family still reside in the Montauk area, well still on the East Coast. Maybe you are a distant relative.


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