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Science Behind The Moorish American Fez and Turban

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meaning moorish american fez turban national headdress

In this article (and video at bottom of this article) we will explain using various sources the meaning of the fez and turban, which are the national headdresses of Moorish Americans.  They have practical and mystical meanings as well as historical significance.  There are ancient carvings and hieroglyphics made out of solid stone showing the ancient people wearing both the fez and turban on their head.  These carvings and statues are found all over the Americas, Africa, and various other places in the world.

What do the Fez and Turban Mean?

First we will discuss the turban and then break down the fez.  Both the turban and fez relate to male and female aspects of Moorish Americans alike, even though Moorish American women typically do not wear fezzes.  The wearing of the ancient headdresses of our ancestors, combined with proclaiming your nationality, and honoring our forefathers ties modern Moorish Americans back into the lineage of the creators of civilization.  The people erroneously labeled as black, African American, and, in many cases Latino, has been stripped of their nationality, lineage and place in the family tree of humanity.  It is time to return back to who we truly are.  Now we will discuss the meanings behind the headdress.

What Does the Turban Mean

picollo fez turban

In the Moorish Science Temple of America the Turban is predominantly worn by Women, but men are permitted to wear them as well. To the Moslems of the west, it represents purity and is consider a crown. Women among our Nation, wear there turban in a crisp V style or pyramid, with a blue button displaying a crescent moon and star, along with the letters MA. It is truly a symbol of Modesty and respect for ones self.
Source: "The Turban and It's Significance"

"She is clothed with neatness, she is fed with temperance; humility and meekness are as a crown of glory circling her head."

-Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Chapter XXI, verse 7

When Moorish American women learn how to tie a turban in the style of our ancestors, there is true significance in every act, it is more than just a fashion statement or style of dress. Turbans are actually an ancient form of spiritual practice.  Many people do not know this, so we will discuss the spiritual, esoteric meaning behind wearing the turban.

Spiritual and Esoteric Meaning Behind the Turban

Many people, Moorish Americans included, do not want to continue on with traditions blindly without knowing the meaning.  Do to a very real event known in astronomy as the precession of the equinoxes, we are said to be entering into the Aquarian Age, or already in it. "This is the age of information. Nothing is secret anymore. All information is available at your fingertips." We are about to get heavy into the spiritual meaning behind the turban. Tighten your seat belt. Trust me, it's not just headgear or some type of headwrap fashion statement!

Infants have a ‘soft spot’ where the bones are still not fuzed together at the top of their head which pulsates in synchronization with the heart beats. In yogic terms this spot is referred to as the ‘Crown Chakra’. Thousands of years ago seers, sages and spiritual persons (Rishis, Munis and Yogis) discovered that the hair on the top of the head protects the crown chakra from the sun and exposure to various undesirable environmental elements. In addition to protecting the crown chakra, the hair acts as antennae, channeling the solar energy and its life force into body and brain.’ By the Kalgidhar Trust/ Society, Preserving Turban.
sikh wearing rishi knot and turban

Spiritual practicioners such as Rishis, Munis and Yogis would coil or knot their hair at the crown chakra, also called the ‘solar center’ of the head. This center is on the top and the front of the head in men (anterior fontanel). Women are said to have two solar centers: One at the anterior fontanel and the other the posterior fontanel which is at the back of the head. The coiling or knotting of the hair at these solar centers focuses the energy as well as retains the spiritual vibrations throughout the day. This hair knot (known as joora) is traditionally referred to as ‘Rishi Knot’. The rishi knot assists in channeling of energy in meditation i.e. recitation and concentration on the Divine (God). If one cuts off the hair there can be no rishi knot.

Thus, the 10th Sikh Master, Guru Gobind Singh taught followers to keep their hair unshorn, tie them into a knot at the respective centers and keep them covered with turban so that their spiritual progress is further accentuated. The next step after tying a ‘rishi knot’ is to wrap-cover it with a turban. The pressure of the multiple wraps in the turban keeps the person calm and relaxed and activates the various pressure points on the forehead. The Turban covers the temples which is said to help protect the wearer from the psychic negativity of other people. The pressure of the turban also changes the pattern of blood flow to the brain. These are all reasons that women should also wear turbans. When you tie up your hair and wrap the turban around it, all the parts of your skull are pulled together and supported. You feel clarity and readiness for the day and for what may come to you from the Unknown.

Sikhs believe that God is the Unknown. He is mastery as well as mystery. Living with an awareness of your God within you and the God outside of you (God in all) is an attitude. Thus, covering your head is an action with the attitude that there is something greater than you know. Your willingness to stand under that greatness of God is expressed by taking the highest, most visible part of you and declaring it as a place that belongs to the Creator. Covering your head is also a declaration of humility, of your surrender to God. Hence, for a Sikh wrapping a turban everyday is a declaration that his head, his mind is dedicated to the Creator. The turban becomes a flag of his consciousness as well as his crown of spiritual royalty. Wearing a turban over uncut hair is an act of consciousness that can gives every Sikh (insert MOORISH AMERICAN) the experience of God. This experience is must for all Khalsa (baptised), men and women both.
-Source: Sikh Turbans, The Identity of Sikh Community by Parul Bhatti

So, long story short, Moorish American women should want to wear your turban as often as possible!  If you are aware of this, it brings clarity to the reason and is not just a tradition that is carried on blindly.

Moor on the Significance of the Moorish American Turban

turban third eye moorish american woman

The  Turban  worn  properly  is  wrapped  with  a  V-point  in  the  center.    This  represents the  pineal  and  forms  the  shape  of  a  pyramid.    When one  is  conscious  their  pineal  is  no longer calcifying, it is open and active. 

With  the  knowledge  that  the  hair  is  the  antenna,  which  sits  upon  our  crown,  we  can begin to appreciate what we place upon it.  The  head is our crown and the first thing to develop when we are in the womb, anything we do to it, or place upon it, is an extension of, and  related to the crown and the crown  chakra, and affects our ability to vibrate and be in harmony with the energies amongst us.  If we vibrate high, as we once did, it may be  necessary  to  tune  out  the  clutter,  just  as  one  would  tune  a  radio  to  its  best  reception.   The Turban assist in that, or acts as a buffer.  

Wrapping the Turban

The  Turban  is  worn  correctly  when  it  crosses in  the middle, just above the brow.  Many wear the turban to protect their  antenna  (hair),  however  they  don’t  necessarily  wrap  it with  the  cross  above  the  brow.    The  reason  it  ought  to  be crossed is because it creates the triune symbol and accentuates the pineal.

     When  you  wrap  a  turban  upon  your  head,  it  is  a  divine occurrence.  Most women look royal and regal with a properly wrapped  Turban.    The  dimensions  or  measurements  of the material  ought  to  equal  ‘9’.    Nine  is  the  number  of  divine manifestation  from  the  womb  into  the  physical.    This  is  why information regarding the Womb is referred to as “the science of the number ‘9’.  The  Knowledge of divine numbers is necessary to gain understanding of  how  your  material  ends  up  equal  to  ‘9’.   There  is  no  number  higher  than  the  number ‘9’.  All numbers can be reduced to ‘9’, or something under a ‘9’.  

  You can wear any color you wish to really.  However, white is purity and Red  is  worn  when  dealing  with  Lawful  matters,  but  any  color  can  be  worn  at  any  time, however you wish to war them.

Source: The Turban, “The Royal Crown”, Excerpt from “A Truth About Your Hair” – R.V. Bey Publications

Look into the meaning of colors before you wear them so that you are aware of what type of energy you are taking on and projecting!  For the most part, Moorish Americans wear white turbans because it is a symbol of purity.  There is a quote attributed to the Prophet, however we have no source on it, so take it with a grain of salt.  It reads, "Sisters, wrap your turbans in the colors of the rainbow." ~ The Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

There are a lot of Moors out there that take that quote seriously and who say that Moorish sisters should wear the colors of the rainbow or white only (rainbow: Violet (Not purple), Indigo (Not purple), Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red).  Women are discouraged from wearing black, for she is the giver of life, and black is associated with death.

I typically wear white turbans.  We have no way of knowing where the alleged quote of Noble Drew Ali came from advising women to use the colors of the rainbow for their turbans. It could have come from a person claiming to be Noble Drew Ali reincarnated or somewhere else, so I do not go off of that as fact. Just putting that disclaimer out there.

hakim bey moors mason fez

Spiritual and Esoteric Meaning Behind the Fez

The fez represents a pyramid without the capstone. The flat top stands for the uncompleted portion of the pyramid. The tassel represents a cable used to raise the capstone and place it where needed. Under the fez hat, the wearer's head represents the vault where the treasures of the order are preserved and stored. As a pyramid houses wisdom, so the fez, worn by Shriners and Daughters of Isis, houses wisdom in the brain. The red fez hat also represents the skill and wisdom of the men who erected the great pyramids.

Freemasons are only allowed to don the fez hat once completing all degrees.  After becoming a master mason they are allowed to become a Shriner and wear the fez. The Moorish American already is a master mason!  The rights and privilege symbolized by the fez hat are your birthright.  "The Moorish Americans (Master Masons) once again will restore civilization based on the five symbols of universal law as recorded in the universe and not tampered by man in his finite state." (Clock of Destiny)

The Fez is the First wonder of the World, the House of the Law. The Fez represents a Pyramid without a capstone; it is a storehouse of knowledge. The Fez is the extension of a man who knows himself thus making a man complete. The Fez is the National Headdress of the Asiatic Moorish Nation of North, South and Central Americas, including the adjoin Islands.

Moorish Americans, especially those who join the Moorish Science Temple of America and accepts both our divine creed and our nationality, must also learn the depth of our Moorish head wear as well as learn why we wear both the Fez and Turbans. This is the age of knowing/information. We should all understand what what the fez means, from an esoteric and exoteric perspective, how we protect it, and when to wear them.

The Fez is our crown of glory. It’s the ultimate representation of both nation and Religious relationships between our Father, God-Allah and man. The Fez is also part of our religious expression, and it is protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution for the United States of America. Under no circumstances are we to remove our Fez. The Fez is also a birthright for the male Moorish American Moslem.
Source: "The Moorish American Moslem National and Religious Head Dress"

shriners black wearing fez

History of the Fez

The Fez gets its name from the first Moorish Capital of the Moorish Empire in those days of our ancient forefathers who received permission from the Pharaohs of Egypt in those days thus it represents a Kingdom. It was and still is the original first Religious Headdress as well as representing a higher standard of educational growth (i.e. graduation cap). It also means that we, the Moorish Americans are the keepers of the Egyptian mystery system and thus it represents the second capital of the Dominion of Amexem.

Some European’s and unconscious Asiatics define the Fez as a Hat, Hat derives from the word “Hate”. We suggest to anyone referring to this Free National Headdress (a standard) for the Moorish American Moslems, as it being a “Fez”. Our forefathers had a monopoly on the Fez production for it was stated that the dye which produced the particular dull crimson hue couldn’t be obtained from anywhere else in the world. The dye was extracted from the juice of a small berry which grows in large quantities in Fez, Morocco.

Moor is the pedigree and nationality of the direct descendants of the founders of Civilization and themoorish horse rider fez Ancient High Science, culture, Gnosticism, Cosmology, Alchemy, Geometry, Algebra, Numerology, Astrology, Architecture, Mathematics, and Philosophies, etc., from which Masonry draws its wealth of knowledge, etc.  Thus, Masonry is the High Culture Esoteric and Gnostic system of learning Moorish History, Science and Culture, literally and factually, which was forced underground and veiled in allegorical stories, mysticism, signs, and symbols, etc.


We are the original Masons, we created the sciences and systems that the Europeans use as the modern-day custodians of our ancient knowledge. The shriner is not allowed to wear the fez outside of masonic functions or outside of the lodge. They must wear the fez and assume our role while we collectively went into a sleep or cocoon-like status of hibernation. Once you take back your national headdress and step into the shoes of who you truly are as a Moorish American, you begin to take your rightful place as the creators of civilization and rulers of the planet.

fez meaning graduation cap circle 7
the graduation cap has a Moorish origin and meaning - connection to the Circle 7

Science Behind the Fez

It’s literary symbolic of power, authority, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. It represents the seen and unseen, “as above so below”. When one views the Fez from the inside, one sees circles of 360 degrees. This is the unseen. Viewing it from the outside, one sees only 2 circles. This is the seen. One circle is the opening where man places the crown upon his head and the other circle is the one seen from a distance representing the manifest. The unseen is the spiritual side that rules the physical, the seen is the manifested.

The Fez represents a model of the universe which can be seen upon close viewing of the top of the fez. Here, one will see the whole universe spread out in a spiritual and symbolic view. You will see the throne chair of the Creator God Allah, and the thin cord that leads from Allah’s heart (throne) that leads across the vastness of the universe which is represented by the four round spheres.

Each sphere represents a quarter or 90 degrees of knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the universe. Each circle sits a master spirit whom rules in Allah’s holy name. Reaching down to the ball at the end of a short cord represents those Angelic beings that carry messages that touch the cords of manifest life. Each cord represents the laws of Allah that man has to live by and in some cases the battles that he has fought.

The tassel should be 12 inches long. This represents the ruler, times 2 equals the 24 elders that sit around the throne chair of the spirit of Allah that walks the earthland and heart of man. Each inch represents more than 1000 years in the science of an age which is 2500 years. Thus, this represents the fact that multitude of ages man must tarry upon each plane of existence (manifest and soul).

The Tassel then falls downward beyond the shoulder to the heart of man. This demonstrates the 3 step ladder, known as salvation. The first step is belief, the second faith and the last is fruition. The tassel represents the law and he who wears it is recognized as a law man, a wise man, a man of God-Allah. The Fez on the head of a Moorish American Moslem demonstrates a universal lawman.

The Fez is worn as a symbol of the womb. The top of it has a nipple shape that  symbolizes the navel. The strands of the tassel are 360ΒΊ, as in 360ΒΊ degrees of knowledge. The tassel is not pinned down as it is in the secret societies. Properly, the free flowing tassel is indicative of one who is born of the womb, endowed with and aspiring to and beyond 360 degrees of knowledge.  They navigate upon the earth and their potential is not limited, not pinned down, or kept secret, however it is sacred.  The 4 sets of air holes are equal to the number of wombman — 9, and add to 13, the number of times a woman cycles per year, which is in tune with the cycle of the Moon.

fez meaning circle 7
The Fez is tied in to the Circle 7

The following is an explanation, found in "Lesson Book Number1", written by Taj Tarik Bey of the Moors Order Of The Roundtable:

.Fez:  The National Headdress of the Asiatic Moorish Nation Of North, South and Central Al Morocs (Americas), including the adjoining Islands.

..The Fez headdress, is typically of red felt, with an indigo black tassel.  The Fez hat is the Headdress of the Ancient Ones - The Moabite/ Moors - also spelled - Muur.  It is geometrically formed to represent the eternal Zodiac. The BODY at the FEZ symbolizes the WOMB of the COSMOS and the WOMB of WOMAN - MOTHER.  The 1 inch FINIAL which extends out of the center of the FEZ is the NUMBER 1 and the 9th letter in the Phonetic Moorish alphabet -- I.  This also symbolizes the NAVEL (Eye).

    .The cord extending from the I (Eye) symbolizes the Universal Umbilical Cord of Universal Life and represents the Oneness of all life. It also represents the tie to the source of Humanity - ZUDIACUS - the FIRST WOMAN..

    .The Circular (round) ball of the tassel represents the MUNDANE CIRCLE or EARTH. The cord wrapped about the tassel strands, hold the form of the Circle arid represent the Unity of Life through the Zodiac Constitution of Humanity. It also represents the Cyclical and reciprocal nature of Life.  The STRANDS of the TASSEL represent the 360 DEGREES of the ZODIAC.  The highest LAW arid AUTHORITY in CIVILIZATION.  The ZODIAC CROWN OF LIGHT the National Headdress of the MOTHERS and FATHERS of the HUMAN FAMILY FOUNDERS of CIVILIZATION, AND MASTERS of the COSMOS SCIENCE. 3RD 33RD AND 360 Degree MASTER MASONS and EASTERN STARS.  This is a part of the hidden truth which has been buried in the dark corner of the NORTH GATE.

    .The FEZ - symbol of the Eternal Zodiac is also called a tarbush, a Tiara, a Corona Sol and other names, which describe its Royal Status.


The fez and turban worn by Moorish Americans has significant meaning, literal historic, esoteric, and divine origins which makes it more than a hat for us! We should wear it with pride, especially after gaining and understanding on the true meaning behind it. Our national headdress ties us back into our ancient heritage and legacy. I have spoken to shriners who have told me out they are happy to see us waking up and knowing who we truly are.

Check out the video below and make sure you share this article and video with your friends and family! 


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    loved the read, and I hate to seem picky but black is not the color of death, white would be the color of "full release" due it to it being void of all other spectrums of vibration. Black encompasses all. A minor subconscious tendency to place white over black. Caucasians do nothing but robe in black from judges, quakers, amish, "jews", and occultists, yet they have us dripped and draped in white.
    only time it should be acceptable if you are performing ancestral heritage rites

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