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Black History... What Does That Even Mean?

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On this day in "black" history...

ancient americans black

Well, since it's black history month for the people who've been called "African Americans" since the mid 80s, a term created especially for them which separates them from the original people (more on that later), who were called "black" before that for about 25 years, and before that were referred to as "colored" for another 20 or so years, and before that called "negro", which legally places them in a limbo between human and beast without the capability to govern themselves.

Black History Theoretically Should Only Go Back Until The 1960s

The government switched the label used to define us from negro and colored to "black" in the 1960s.

So what does "black" history mean anyways...Trump was recorded saying that it should be changed to "African American" history, since that's what we're called now.  But, since these terms are no more than a combined forty-something years old, shouldn't they use "colored - negro" history just so there's no confusion when discussing the already confusing condition that our people are in and why their name/label gets switched up every couple of decades?

What were they called before that and are these people allowed to define themselves?  Everyone seems to have a say in who they are or aren't.  Nobody can provide evidence of who they actually are though. We do have court records and a paper trail left behind of laws and acts that legally changed the status of any dark brown skinned people recognized as aboriginal Americans to negro.  These acts literally swept through the nation, as a sort of paper genocide that literally made entire American Indian tribes become extinct overnight as judges declared courtrooms full of copper-colored Indians extinct right in to their face and reclassified them as black, while simultaneously handing their land and resources over to greedy Europeans.

People, who's ancestors would later be classified as African Americans, went from having their own tribal land to having to fight for their freedom in some cases, as they were being classified legally as negroes and one of the hustles of European men and women in the 1700s and 1800s was to claim that a free negro or colored person was actually a runaway slave (keep in mind that they had previously called these people Indians).

So, if we're really going to tell the stories of "black" history we need to tell it all.  Its time for the truth to come out and for the so-called African American, used to be black, still use it a little bit, but before we were called black, we were referred to as colored, and sometimes called negro, and before that we were exclusively referred to as negro, but if you dig deeper you will see the laws, legislative acts, and court cases showing how they legally reclassified millions of aboriginal American Indians to negro!

This is ridiculous.  We need to stop allowing other people that don't have our best interest at heart to define who we are.  I am a Moorish American.  I know what I'm talking about when I say that.  Throw away the labels.  The U.S. Census lets you know in its classifying of races and ethnicities that black or African American is something that they created which has no ties to any of the original people of the world. Literally every other race they have listed including white is tied to some branch of original people except for one - black or African American.  Give them their shit back!

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