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The European Shriners Know Who You Are | Wake Up Moorish Americans

3:00 PM

Repost from mauricioamarucan!

After all this time, its almost like a joke to the shriners.  They can flaunt your own culture and nationality right in your face and most of you still don't know who you are.

We can debate about it and argue whether this is true or not BUT at the end of the day these guys know that America is Almorocco or Al Magrib Al Asqa!  They know that this is the Northwest Gate of the Moroccan empire and that you are Moorish Americans!

Shout out to colin.vo.bey and @know_thy_self_13 on the gram for sharing this!

These Caucasian demons (his words, not mine 😂 😂)know what your nationality is... they just want you to believe you're a crayola color or came from Africa. Don't think for one second this knowledge ain't ruling the world. All truths are the same... connected! 💎🇲🇦

#Repost  @know_thy_self_13 ・・・ We the royal Moslems of the Maghrib Al-Aqsa also known as Morrocco of the farthest West were also known as Mohammedans which are the desendents of the original founders of the life culture that we refer to as ISLAM ( I Self Law Am Master the Science not the Religion). In the Quran we are referred to as the Ahl al-Bayt (Beys & the Els أهل البيت‎‎) or "The Family of the Prophet" or "People of the House" meaning this is dealing with our Bloodline not Religion. As you can see European freemasons are the custodians of Moorish Science, but the 33rd degree Mason is only allowed to wear our flag (Cresent Moon & Star) once a year, because he's only been on Earth for 6 days (6,000 years). That's why a sword must be added to the top of the fez, because if he reveals the secrets of who the Original Man is then off with his head. Yes the secret is you are the /G\ in the square, Wake Up and Honour Your Mother and Father!!!! • SideNote: The Moorish Empire Was founded by Islamic people and Coptic Christians, this is why Under Moorish rule the Muslims, Christians and Jews, where under total harmony with one another. Also before we were Islamic and Coptic Christians we were Hebrews anciently known as the Canannites that got permission of the Pharaoh's of Egypt to set up Kingdoms in America. So stop fighting over different aspects of our culture peace.

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