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How Moors Became African American

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Moorish Americans are the only people who have their nationality and origin completely stripped from them.  They are also the only people on earth who are consistently labelled and then re-labelled by people from outside of their community.  On paper these people have been labelled by the government as Indian, negro, black, colored, and they now have the label African American.

To demonstrate the level of confusion that this has caused the so-called African American, who has yet to define himself, I will switch between labels throughout this passage. Sometimes I will say negro, colored, African American, black, and or Afro American.  I will also use the term indigenous American and Indian to refer to this group of people, as well as the proper persona and nationality, Moorish American.

With thorough examination behind the timing of these re-classifications of this special group of people it becomes apparent that there was an understanding by the European colonizers that the they need to re-label this group every few generations before the current label gets stale and old among the people.  There is a need to keep Moorish Americans confused as to their origin and nationality in order for the European descendants to remain in power.  This is the only logical explanation as to why laws were enacted across the country in mass to reclassify Indians with full tribal rights and who could trace their lineage to negro.

There are several laws, acts, and court cases leaving behind a paper trail of evidence showing these heinous acts of robbing the true indigenous people of their rights and reclassifying them as negro or black (term use depending on the time period).  In the video below a peculiar case involving the Montauk Indians being declared extinct while the chief of the tribe and nearly eighty tribe members sit in court is examined in detail.  The Supreme Court judge declared the chief and tribe members "too black" to be Indians.  Meanwhile all of their tribal land, which later became lucrative resorts and prime real estate in Long Island, went to a handful of greedy European descendants.

Every Generation They Are Re-Labelled or Reclassified

Once upon a time the indigenous people of the land, who were described by the European colonists as having copper-colored skin were called Indians.  Within the first century of European conquests of the Americas they began reclassifying many of the indigenous people as negroes.  In many cases people were called Indian and negro within the same lifespan as detailed in this post from our website featuring Jack D. Forbes work and the video below.

The indigenous Americans were in numerous cases described by the European colonists as looking like "negroes".  William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, described the Lenni-Lenape Indians of Pennsylvania as being spoken of indifferently as Indians and Moors. (Ancient and Modern Britons)

"In 1676 the native races races of New England were spoken of indifferently as "Indians" and "Moors;" and our British "Indians" are also remembered as "Moors.""
Author and explorer George Catlin specifically described the Indians as having dark, copper-colored skin and several grades of hair attributed to the so-called African American, including wavy and curly hair. (BOOKS LETTERS AND NOTES ON THE NORTH AMERICAN INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF AMERICA)

"All primitive tribes known in America are dark, coppered color with jet black hair, while most possess curls in the extreme, and every level of wavy hair in between. The texture of the hair is generally fine, soft or silk or course or harsh."

Most past descriptions of the Indians by European descendants describe them as having copper-colored skin.  Over time, through the reclassification of the indigenous population from Indian to negro, negro to colored, colored to black, black to Afro American, and then finally the label African American, this group began to ignore their own family history of having indigenous roots.  The so-called African American viewed the whitened modern federally recognized tribe members as the official "Indians" and began to think that their own oral history of indigenous roots implied that they were "mixed" instead of seeing it as proof that people that looked like them were already living here when the European arrived.

The proof has actually been in front of us the entire time.  There was actually an older publication, well several publications with titles such as Copper Romance and Copper Colored Gal for instance, which featured so-called African American women.

full garb mardi gras indian
Mardi Gras Indian
Do you remember the crayon color Indian red?  You cannot find it anymore because it's been replaced with chestnut, which is brown.  They only changed the name, not the color.  Indian Red is also the name of a song sung at gatherings by the Mardi Gras Indians of Louisiana.

Guess what the Mardi Gras Indians look like...so-called African Americans.

While European descendants were describing the indigenous Americans that they met as looking like negroes or Moors, they also were working on plots to steal their land and heritage from them.  They gradually enacted laws and acts making it difficult for anyone that looked "black" to claim tribal land and rights.

status change indian negro black colored african american moors

Why All The Confusion: Negro, Black, Colored, African American 🤔🤔

Eventually the vast majority of these people came into the legal status of "negro" via the census and other record keeping tactics, as well as by government laws and acts.  As mentioned in the video above, some people even witnessed their legal status change during their lifetime from Indian to negro.  By the time birth certificates were being rolled out the classification of colored was the term that the government deemed necessary for the negro.  There are still people living today who were listed as colored on their birth certificate as well as some who were listed as negro.

The government actually changes the status of this group of people every two and a half generations.  Once they became too comfortable with the term black they were eased into the label African American.  Through manipulation by the media and other propaganda over time this group was taught that they came from the continent of Africa.  After two hundred years of attack (1776 - 1976) it was no longer difficult to tell these people that they came from some far off land.

The term African American was set up perfectly for this group on two fronts.  One one hand, by appealing to their emotions with programs such as the immensely popular Roots program it was possible to have this group feel more connected to their origin with this label.  They would easily accept it and even feel like this term correctly defines them.  On the other hand, this scheme fits perfectly into the plans of the group of people that was manipulating the so-called African American and constantly changing his status the entire time.

The label African American was the European descendant's Trump card (pun intended) because it has this group of people trying to connect themselves to an entire continent.  It still keeps them clueless and without origin.  There are several nations and hundreds of thousands of tribes in the continent of Africa.  For example, Nigerians for the most part look nothing like Ethiopians, speak different languages, and have different cultures.  They actually are not the same people.

They actually fooled millions of indigenous Americans into thinking they came from another continent and also fooled them into thinking that "black" people only live in Africa.  Nevermind the Aborigines in Australia, dark skinned people of India, negritos of the Philippines and Southeast Asia, "blacks of Oceania, and black tribes living all throughout the islands of the Pacific Ocean.

The European convinced everyone that they wiped out millions of Native Americans within 100 years and brought millions of Africans over to the Americas through the slave trade.  This name switch for the true indigenous Americans is a heinous act of deception and fraud that the European has committed to usurp their indigenous title and rights to the land.

It is time for the games to end and the so-called African American, negro, black, and colored man to define himself.  This is why the Moorish American movement started by Prophet Noble Drew Ali is so important.  This movement acknowledges the indigenous element as well as the Moors brought to the Americas through the slave trade.  We have to cast off the labels placed on us to keep us collectively asleep.

People like Jesse Jackson, who was at the peak of his popularity in the 80's when he ran for president, were used by the Europeans in power to help keep us asleep.  This article was actually inspired by a Facebook post I saw explaining how Rev. Jesse Jackson was used to push the African American label on his people.  The post is shared below.

Why Jesse Jackson Gave His People The Label African Americans

jesse jackson, african american, name, labelPlease view this story that a Facebook friend shared explaining how Jesse Jackson bestowed the useless and harmful title of African American on his own community.

On December 1988, in a lower-level conference room of the Hyatt Hotel near O’Hare Airport in Chicago. The Rev. Jesse Jackson was holding a closed session with the National Rainbow Coalition and Operation PUSH board and other high -ranking campaign supporters.

For the leader of the group, Jessie Jackson, the meeting was to be an “agenda-setting” session intended to send a signal about Jackson’s future and how he would harness the potential of the coalition he had built during his presidential bid. Anticipation was high from the media, with serious speculation about runs for mayor, governor, senator, or appointment to ambassadorships.
The discussions were free-flowing, with most of the attendees wanting to tackle ongoing issues from apartheid and sanctions to labor unions to farmers, and even talk about planning for a third presidential race and what would be needed to make it viable.

C. Delores Tucker stood up and made a highly passionate argument for the use of “African-American” as opposed to black. Soon later the Rev. Willie Barrow, co-founder of Operation PUSH, concurred, with equal conviction. The rest of the conversation became a rolling affirmation. Once Jackson was persuaded, the agenda was set.

A press conference was made but much of Jackson's Rainbow Coalition staff thought that the name change went in an odd direction, or at least was not significant enough to drive an agenda after a long campaign focused on deeper issues. But the media showed up, and though the press conference did cover several other issues, the headlines that followed focused on racial terminology exclusively.

The Washington Post, The New York Times, and USA Today. Eventually, major newspapers and magazines began including rules for usage of the new term, even as it entered style guides. The Oxford Dictionary included the term only as recently as 2001. The rest is history.
See we must understand that it was done for Jesse Jackson's own political gain!

Shout out to Kishrown Israel for sharing this!

Ancient and Modern Britons Vol. I by David Mac Ritchie

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    Regarding the book "Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs, and Condition of the North American Indians." It would have been helpful to the reader if a page number had been given concerning the claims, that the Indians of America were dark skin people can be found.


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