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What Makes Us Moors | How Are We Moorish Americans

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manly p hall secret destiny of americaAfter reading this you should have a thorough understanding of why so many African-Americans are starting to call themselves Moorish Americans.

I did not write most of the material in this article, but I wanted to share it because the site that it was on originally, which I will share below did not have a lot of traffic, so most have not been exposed to this information.

It contains a lot of credible information about the history of Moorish Americans and makes a valiant effort to explain why the so-called African American, and most "black" people of the Caribbean, North, Central, and South America are actually Moorish Americans.

I also shared information in this article from the great author and teacher CM Bey's Clock of Destiny site and Dr. Alim El Bey, which speaks on this topic as well.


What Makes us Moors Moorish Americans

How Are We Moorish Americans | What Makes Us Moors

Before we further discuss the history of the Moors worldwide we will talk about the more recent history of Moorish Americans.  Around the early 1900's a man by the name of Timothy Drew, later to be known as Noble Drew Ali, established a an Islamic organization in the US attempting to reach and empower black Americans.

noble drew ali moorish science temple of america
By 1928 Noble Drew Ali set up the first of many Moorish Science Temples in Chicago.  He taught that black Americans were not negro, black, or colored.  He said that these were labels placed upon black Americans that kept them in an inferior legal status.  His followers believed he was a prophet and the membership for the Moorish Science Temple grew exponentially, even developing and offshoot, Moorish Orthodox Church for European believers.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali taught, amongst other things, that black Americans were for the most part indigenous to the United States.  He believed that most black Americans and Latinos were actually Moors.


I am going to teach you something that you did not know about yourself, something that has been hinted at, and guessed at, and poked at, and everything but made fully known to you, as it should have always been.

I am going to teach you the true and divine "knowledge" of yourself, historically speaking.

today they have you calling yourself everything but what you are, and so, you are never able to take your proper place in the national and international affairs of men all over the world. you have been mentally robbed of your inalienable, inherent and invincible manhood, by being robbed of your nationhood.

this robbery did not begin with Slavery (the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade), it began 800 years earlier.

in 711 AD, the "Moors" (also called "Berbers" at tht point), who are the original people of West Africa deciding to expand their Moorish Empire went from Africa into Europe, from Morocco into Spain, and conquered most of Spain except for the very North.

for 800 (700 AD - 1400 AD) the Moors ruled over Spain, and brought the greatest civilization known in Europe into existence. what the Moors did in Spain was taken to the rest of Europe by the Spaniards and began what they now call the Renaissance (which means "rebirth") to Europe, bringing them out of their "Dark Ages", a term they took from the Moslems (Moors of West Africa), because in Islam there is the teaching that before Prophet Mohammed was raised in Mecca, Arabia with the Great Koran (Al-Quran Al-Adhiym) the whole of Arabia was under what is called its "Jahaliyyah" period, which is a period of darkness and ignorance ruling over the people.

Moorish Americans, fez

so the Wisdom, Science, teachings of the Moors (the Moslems) in Spain brought a New Light to them, and the rest of Europe, as they saw what we were doing, and copied it to the fullest. this ended their own "Jahaliyyah" (darkness/ignorance) all over the continent of Europe. it is literally the Science of the Moors (who were all Moslems) that began to raise them up, and this is a historical fact.

now, the whole time the Moors (Moslems) were in Spain, the Spanish, French, Italians, and English were trying to bring Spain back under the rule of the Spaniards. and finally in the lte 1400s the Spaniards, with help from their European brothers, finally defeated the Moors in the beginning of 1492.

upon defeating the Moors (Moslems from West Africa), the Spaniards gave them Moors two options, return to West Africa, or stay in Spain under the rule of the Royal Family of Spain as "Spaniards" (subjects of the king and queen), but they forsake their allegiance to their own Moorish Empire, and they must become "Catholics" (the first "Christians") at that time. most of the Moors went home to West Africa, but some betrayed their people and stayed in Spain under those conditions, they became known as "Mosricos", and the people in Spain that were related to the "Moriscos" (the spanish word for Moorish) were called "Morenos".

now, those who stayed in Spain began to work for the king and queen of Spain, began to tell them all of our secrets, for example, the Moors (Moslems) of West Africa had been traveling to another land for a long time, they would sail across the Atlantic, and bring many things back. some of them would stay in this New Land, and build Colonies, at times even mixing in with the Natives.

one such display is the "Algonquin" Native-American tribe of Central North America. the term "Al-" is actually "Arabic", all historians will and do acknowledge that fact. there were many half Moorish, and half Native-American tribes in Central North America, who lived here long before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade began in the early 1500's.

it is also a known historical fact that the Olmecs who started the Meso-American Empire that produced the Toltecs, Incas, Astecs, and Ute, Native-Americans, also called the first "Mexicans" by many. this is also a well known fact.

secret society, mason, moorish science

the Spaniards used our information and maps, to come to this New Land, following behind us. the Spaniards called on Christopher Columbus in 1492, the same year the Moors were defeated. this is no coincidence, or chance happening. this was a betrayal of one of our African Empires, by those seeking "Gold" (riches/fortune) at the price of their own blood.

when Columbus arrived, they decided they would go into West Africa, and force the Moors (Berbers) who would not bow to them as Moriscos to WORK in this New Land. and thus the Europeans of Spain, France, Italy and England, began going into West Africa, and "snatching" or "kidnapping" the natives there, and forcing them to go to "America" as their "Slaves".

it is  known historical fact that around 90% of the African Slaves came from West Africa, but as time went on the Europeans also started taking slaves from other portions of Africa. because what started out as a for of revenge on the Moors, became a purely "Financial" endeavor. and slavery was big business for 400 years.

this is why most of the slaves that came to America were Moslems when they got here, because they were West Africans, who were all Moslems at that time. even the movie "ROOTS" let you know this fact, as well as the movie "AMISTAD", go back and re-watch them, those were Moors (Berbers) of West Africa. and once coming to America, all of the slaves mixed with each other for 400 years, so all men and women whose fathers and mothers came out of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade have "Moorish" blood running thru their veins, you are all Moors by descent and descendancy.

this is all historical fact, and they know all of this, but they dont tell you all of this for a reason.

in order to further break the "kidnapped" who knew exactly who they were, their language, their religion, etc. and would keep fighting their forced enslavement, the "slave" holders began to murder off all who knew the whole truth, and only leave those who did not know it. and once they had successfully removed the national knowledge of who we were from us, they started calling themselves "slave-masters", because they were now the "masters" of what they created, traded, raped, and murdered, the "slave" (a fake species of man).

and ever since this time, we have been seeking our "identity", trying to figure out who we really are, and trying to be everything and anything but what we really are by all the laws of nature.

they took African, Berber and Moor from us, and gave us "Negro", "Black" and "Colored", terms that have no national meaning whatsoever, and connects us to nothing but whatever they told us these names meant, thus we were now living our lives as their intellectual inventions, and by identifying ourselves by their inventions, we became their intellectual property.

once the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade officially ended, they still did not come out and tell us who we really were, we had adapted to being their negroes, blacks and coloreds, and that was fine by them, because to know our true nationality, would give us a real knowledge of ourselves, and then we would go out and be our true selves, and reconnect with ourselves all over the planet, gaining much power very quickly, which they could not allow. so they left us mentally "enslaved", calling us "freemen" and "ex-slaves", like those are nationalities, or our real roots. the negroes, blacks and coloreds were born from slavery, not the real Berbers, Moors, and Africans.

obama moorish flag

as we grew wiser, we started calling ourselves Africans, but we act like we dont know what African Nations we came from, so we took on false national titles like African-American, which is not a nationality, and they know this. "Africa" is not a nation, the root of the word "nationality", from "natio", from "nasci", which means to be "born" to. your nationality tells you what fathers and mothers you have been born to, like your last name, imagine meeting someone who did not know their own last name, and made up a fake one, they might be satisfied with that, but it still fake, and fake has no legal rights that have to be recognized by anyone in the world.

slaves did not give birth to you, because slave is a fake name, it was an enslaved nation of people that gave birth to you, people predominantly from West Africa, the Moors (Berbers), who were all Moslems.

the massive population of these Moors living in America today have become Christians fro the same reason the Moriscos and Morenos did, because it is already largely accepted by the "rulers" (originally being the European Christian Slave holders) here. so you grow up thinking it is your natural religion as "black people", but there is no such nationality as "black people" or "negro people" or "colored people", and thus you are not "black people" or "christians" by the laws of nature.

there are some calling themselves "black nationalist" of today, who still do not know their true nationality, but identify with Africa, and still call themselves "black", which is not the color of your skin, it never has been, and never will be, it is "brown", from very dark to very light.

those same people tell us who know the whole truth of the history of our people here in America, say that Islam is not naturally our religion, it belongs to the Arabs. but this is also falsehood, what they dont know, but all scholars of Arabian History know, is that Mohammed (asa) was a very dark-skinned man, in fact, his mother (Aminah) was an Ethiopian from Ethiopia. what they also know, that most of these "black nationalist" dont know is, all of the original people of Arabia were from "East Africa", the first Arabians are called/classified as "Afro-Arabian", because historically speaking, all of the original people of East Africa and West Asia (where Arabia is) are one people, before the mixing in of others. in fact, scientifically speaking, there were three typs of Arabians in Arabia over time, and the third type is the Arabs you see today. but only the first and second type existed in Arabia during the time of Mohammed (asa).

what they also dont seem to know is, the language of "Arabic" has only recently become called "Arabic", it was called "Arabian", and before that it was called "Nabatean", which came from "Moabite", from "Hebrew". and "Hebrew" comes from "Chaldean Aramaic", which comes from "Aramaic", which comes from "Akkadian", and Akkadian is the first documented "Semitic" language, which also originated out of East Africa, another proven historical fact.

what they don’t tell most of you is that Arabic is a Afro-Asiatic language. also called an Hamo-Semetic language, because fo the ties between East Africa and West Asia. in fact, the "black nationlaist" love the language of Kiswahili (usually just called swahili), from the Swahili Empire of the Waswhili (meaning "swahili people"). and Swahili is 45% Arabic, because they have been working with their Arabian brothers and sisters fro over 2000 years. we are all one people.   

we the Moorish-Americans, know the whole truth of everything we are doing, we know the real origins of everything we do. we know who we really are, according to all the sciences of actual history, nothing made up, nothing mythological, nothing unprovable, its all facts. the Moorish-Americans have begun to relive our lives as our true selves, like we were before "slavery" (the Trans-Atlantic slave trade) happened. and now we are rebuilding all that was taken from us, beginning with our own Moorish Empire.

el bey dey al ali five tribes

if you are interested in knowing the whole truth about all of this, and being what our forefathers and foremothers were, we welcome you to come and do so. this is the job we have been doing since 1913 AD, so come and ask as many questions as you can, we will be more than happy to answer them. or do you want you and your children to keep living a lie???

The first step to returning to our Imperial origins is to know our true Nationality, and then to become Nationals in the affairs of Nations, locally and internationally. And the first national government we must have power, influence, and control within is the National Government U.S.A., as this is where we reside (inhabit). But the first fight on that level is not “civil rights”, it is “Human Rights” being enforced by the Civil (internal/private) laws of this National Government.

As Human Rights Laws already exist nationally and internationally, and all national governments must abide by them, but they must be enforced. And any new laws being enacted must be forced to be in accordance with those Human Rights Laws. And in fact, the first and most important Human Rights Laws, are those of our true religion.  

The Moorish Nationals of all Moorish Nations, and their governments (national or otherwise), are for government (peace), and not anarchy (destruction). And we have been proclaiming our true nationality and religion, and reclaiming all of our rights, power and authority, for almost 100 (1913-2012) years now. Unlike those of our race who came out of the institution of slavery, but do not know and what they really are, we do not act in our citizenship under a granted “privilege” (a private law made for negroes to act like citizens), we are actually recognized as citizens in accordance with the terms of the United States Constitution, which all American government Agencies must recognize and abide by. You cannot be recognized as a Citizen of any national government, if you’re not first recognized as a human being, because all citizens are human beings.

A slave is legally considered property (which no human being can be), and thus no slave is a human being in the eyes of the law, and ex-slave means ex-property, and thus still not a human being. Just because someone relinquishes control of their property does not make it a human being. And there is only one person that can bring you out of your ex-property status??? You.

How do you do that??? By finding out the whole truth, and then coming home and proclaiming your nationality with the Moorish Nationals here. Only a properly officialized member of your nation who is already recognized by the nations, can recognize you as one of them, so that it sticks legally all over the world. Knowing a thing, being a thing, and being legally recognized as that thing, are three different things. You must do all three.

More about Moorish History | Why are we Moorish Americans

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by CM Bey, Clock Of Destiny Moorish International Order Of The Great Seal Of 360° 

The above labels were coined to conceal the true identity of the moors by their conquerors. Just as Neapolitan attempted to hide the Moorish features. This was the origination of the 21 gun salutes. We perpetuate this like we tell our children that the devil is beneath the earth and god is in the heaven. We play this up like the myth of Santa Clause. We keep a lie going and it passes on through generations.
Black- is not a nationality nor does it relate to a nation of people. There NEVER was a black nation, black flag or a people that claimed to be of Black descent. If you look up the word in the dictionary it denotes everything that harms. Well you might say, ‘you mean the white man dictionary’? You are a fool. The only language an African American often knows is the language he/she was taught. In this case ‘black’ does not denote a national origin. 

Negro-You are not a Negro or colored person because these words were used in a derogatory manner that humiliated the dark skin people and also the word does not denote a national origin or descent line.

A - Branding Slaves on the Coast of Africa Previous to Embarkation by Nathaniel Currier, 1845
B - Wilson Chinn, a branded slave from Louisiana, also exhibiting instruments of torture used to punish slaves
C - Domestic females slaves Zanzibar

Ethiopian- You were not Ethiopians because it means the demarcation line of a geographic location. The correct name was Abyssinia.

You now call yourself African American. Really?  Scipio Africanus captured a Spanish Moor whom he named the continental after.  

Indian- This word derives from indigo, colored stained or died. This is what Christopher Colombo named the moors and by tribal names to conceal the true identify of our bloodline. This was a deal between the Popes, kings and Queens written in the law of conquest. If you know any these moors referred to as Indians they will tell you that they are not Indians but that is what the white man calls them.
moorish latino fez cap

Latin- Dominican, Spanish or Puerto Rican. - The Spanish were European Descendants that also were following The Law of Conquest. They conquered the aboriginals of the portion of the land, killed off the Black, Brown, yellow and Red People, mixed their blood and after generations produced a light shade. This is called grafting in modern times. This is why the KKK did not want to Mix with Moorish Blood or Jewish (Moreno’s) because they would be the minority like in 2012. Now don’t think there were no dark moors with the Spaniards. 

They were there but under Christian names better known as Moriscos or Moros. It’s just like many of you claim African descent but your name is Kevin, Carol, John, Bob and Susan. Some so- called Africans have an African name but when they work in this Christian society they have a European name. You see, everyone has selected to keep the lie alive, even you. If you ask the majority of a person that call themselves Africans they will tell you there English name.

We are giving you a circumstance and not a hate doctrine. If it is hate teaching you would like then the Moorish teachings is not for you because the majority of the world has Moorish blood in them.

Moorish- Why Moorish is the question? - It is simple, that was the last ruling power and empire that ever existed and headed by our people. Moorish is older than the word black. Also there was no such thing as Black, African American, Negro, colored, coon or jigger boos. But there was a ruling people named Moorish. 

The European in England called the rulers at that time Moorish. Their meaning meant Dark skin or blue black. The nearest term is ‘black’. Based on the European Descendants it means blacks but to the Moorish -American it means dark olive, or navigator.

Moors define the word Moor based on the profession and hue, not black due to the meaning defined by Webster Dictionary.

There are tawny Moors, Arab Moors, and Egyptian Moors of a lighter hue. We must keep in mind that this was due to interracial relationships voluntary and during the Moorish Law of Conquest. If you have Moorish Blood, then you are Moorish. Look at the movie True Romance. There are a lot of Italians, Spanish, Russians, Turks, Germans, and Jews with Moorish Blood. Some will say that they have black ancestors. Many of them don’t like it, but the truth expels the myth of a lie. The Normans Were Moors. They are the ones that built West Minister where they call England today. The Northern Italians has a percentage of Hannibal blood in them. The Moors conquered Spain The Latinos has a great percentage of blood even though many of them classify themselves ‘White’ on the application when asked what is your ethnicity?
moors, incan kings, nobility

Where were the Moors of North America First Deprived of their Birthrights?

Let it be clearly stated that Philadelphia was the second Capital of the United States. First it was New York under the name Belgium Amsterdam, Philadelphia was second and W.D.C. was third in case you never knew. But back to our point, Philadelphia was the capital that our forefather records were kept, and if you check their birth certificate it will say; Negro, colored or it will be left blank. Now, if you look at the resolution that the Moors with Bey’s and El’s have you will read that we can reclaim our sir names Bey and El. This was the same state that deprived us of our birthrights where the laws were made and now they (Governmental Officials) are saying you can reclaim it.

Reclaim means to go back and claim it. It’s really that easy, but for some reason it appears that the Europeans and their helpers (Meaning, ‘blacks’) have done a great job in conditioning the people. It reminds me of the movie ‘The Rise of the Planet of the Apes’. We are not saying at all that we are related because we are not, but two examples denote this demonstration of conditioning: 

        When the main Ape (Caesar) opened the cage for the Big Ape to be free he stepped out for a second and went back in. I take that as a state of conditioning. By the way C.M.Bey said that Julia Caesar was a Moor.
        The same applies when they was comfortable in the gage and in the yard. As long as they were being provided for by their masters.
Case in point, even after the second capital at City Hall presented us with this resolution the people refused to reclaim their Moorish descent. I will say it is due to conditioning, fear, comfort and ignorance- meaning not being aware of the subject matter.
West Indian: There is not much to speak on regarding this label. Because you will find that many people from the Caribbean Islands despise this label because they know that it derives from the races Christopher Colombo. They prefer to say that “I’m Caribbean and not West Indian”. However, many of them lack the knowledge of the maroons. They are of Maroon descent and not Caribbean because both names denote a geographic location.

It is the same thing with ‘blacks’ calling locks ‘Dread’, not understanding that Dread locks is very offensive to a Maroon man, woman and child.  We are looking at many years of indoctrination/conditioning. We could go farther in the Maroon history but it is important that you ask a Maroon to learn more about them or do your research. Also note that they were also in Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Moors: Some of you will say that the word Moor is English. First of all let us reveal to you about what you call the English Language. Your conditioning made you a dependent thinker. The Anglican and Saxons were German tribes and did not speak what we call English, but they spoke German and we speak a bastardize German Language. Now that this bomb was just dropped let me point out the different way nations classified the word Moor:  Moor, Moros, Maroon, Mor, Blackamor, Moorian, Morel, Marano. Maurice, Mora, Morisco, Maure, Moers, Moret, Mohr, Morrice. It goes on. So many African Americans dispute the word Moor, but if they did research or studied different languages they would find that in Europe it was spelled and pronounced differently, but it all comes to we were last known to be of Moorish blood.
The list goes on and one. If you doubt what the Clock of Destiny is revealing to you today then ask a foreigner based on the language of the word Moor. The Majority of ‘blacks’ would not be aware of this history because high schools and universities was and still is forbidden to teach this. And if they did they would try to paint them in the image of themselves like they did Jesus and the French did Egyptian paintings.
Mexicans are Moors based on C.M. Bey
This is an excerpt from the lessons of C.M. Bey
“This history clearly explains as to why the ancient Moabites Moorish Nation are called MAYAN, INDIAN, INCA, AZTEC OR TEXIANS.  The Mayan order of the great Pyramid University of Yucatan was founded by Muur Lu Ah-Kin el, for the guidance of the generations of the Moorish Nation to manifest upon the physical, mental, spiritual and metaphysical plane of life through Infinite cycles of evolution”.- Charles Mosley Bey

Benjamin Banneker also known as Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Banneker, a Maryland Free Moor, contributed to the field of science, mathematics, and political affairs. A man of dignified dress and appearance. Friends said he looked like Benjamin Franklin. Banneker began his studies as a teenager. Using crude tools, he constructed a clock, the first one made entirely with American parts.

Banneker educated himself with books borrowed from a Quaker neighbor. He also established the first Almanac. Banneker was appointed in later years to the commission upon Jefferson’s suggestion to President Washington. With his Quaker friend, George Ellicott, Banneker chose the sites for the White House, the Capitol, and many other important government buildings.

To all the Moors in North, South and Central America, especially members of the Moorish International College of the Great Seal our Premier would like for you to take the word of  industrious and culture to heart and qualify yourself either in self study like Ben Bey or those Asiatics that attended Harvard University, Yale, Moor House, Spellman, even Oxford University or Cambridge or the like. 
We have a need to set our house in order and then contribute to our community and Country.  Some may say why these universities? We will ask why not. It’s simple if you don’t have the funds now prepare your children to obtain a scholarship in the future. If you cannot it doesn’t mean you cannot qualify your children.

The Moorish College of the Great Seal revealed these truths so that its members can carry out what the Prophet and Moses (C.M.Bey) desired for us all. We feel strongly that we must eliminate from our minds those thoughts that harm and prevent progress. Study the above Moors and build confidence then lead by example. It’s not all about law. We need a balance which we feel is; unity, culture, refinement, civilization, progress, industry and respect for all.

The Premier told us a story of when he attended Cambridge University in 2000 in the United Kingdom a woman from Malaysia after a discussion, stood up, hit the table and said that “You Moors need to rule again”. We think this is very aspiring. In our ruling process we must weed out those bad weeds. To rule we need a skill, trade or talent cultivated with our Moorish five principles.

Dear Moorish Members In the United Kingdom, Germany, Guyana, and here in North America that are members of the Clock of Destiny Moorish College and the Clock of Destiny Moorish Temple. This is especially for your instructions. The fact is all Moors should be living these standards out. In your case there are members you can connect with in this building process.

As C.M. Bey said, they badly need our help (Clock of Destiny Vol.1 page 38). For the Moorish Sisters read page 20-22 with pages 28-29 you have a big responsibility. If you are a member of the College contact the Premier and the secrets of C.M. Bey will to disclose for the benefit of our next generations.

sultan of morocco, letter from washington, moorish american history
The “DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE” is CLEARLY proof of who the Slaves REALLY were/are. Those who were branded negroes, colored and black were enslaved but were not, and are not the People seeking freedom from the British, however, since the Moroccans (Moors) housed these Serfs (Indentured Servants and Slaves…remember the word Slavic as in Yugoslavia is the true origin of the word slave… It is derived from the word, Slovene and Slovak.

This refers to the European members of the Serbo-Croatian group of Slavonic peoples. However, contemporary Sociologists have layered the natal identity word with social / political connotative meanings. Thus, the said Albion Europeans were the first slaves in America), they too were in conflict with Britain. Those who declared this proclamation "DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE" were under the rule of King George III, a Moor and they were seeking release from the British (Brutish) Moors, who relentlessly wanted to KEEP them (Albions) in slavery (servitude) and DID NOT want to agree to free them.

They considered them a rebellious group (based on the fact, many were released from Britain’s jails) who could not be held in trust or in trusted positions. So, Moors were not in agreement with each other, but still are responsible for civilization and the principles of civilization. In the spirit of same, the Moors accepted the “DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE” and assisted in freeing the Albions. (www.rvbeypublications.com).

         In the "BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY DELUXE 4th EDITION" Admiralty definition states in the 2nd paragraph, "It is properly the successor of the consular courts...after the fall of the Western Empire?" "The Fall of the Western Empire"... Aren’t we in the "Western Empire" now? Allegedly? So, when did it fall? The Rastas, the N.O.I., and etc...are still waiting for Babylon (United States) to Fall, i.e., the U.S. So, obviously, this is not a reference to the U.S., but the last Western Empire (De Jure Government) prior to this one (de facto government) who stated, "It is properly the successor of the consular courts..."

The Supreme Court has said that the De Jure Government offices still exist but the people have failed to occupy them. Interesting, so, I looked up the meaning of "Consular courts" and another interesting connection happen. Make note in the last sentence of the paragraph..."The last of the United States consular courts (Morocco) was abolished in 1956." Latin author, C.C. Marquez gives us a portion of the secret also, “America was also a Negro Continent and that the Otomies [Ottoman / Olmeccans] of Mexico…are the remains of the aboriginal Negro race. 

Therefore, obviously “the Fall of the Western Empire (Morocco) written in “BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY 4th Deluxe Edition” is referring to our fall, the Al Moroccan Empire called the Ottoman Empire (Moorish Empire, Empire Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah, Songhai-Malian Empire, Egypto-Cushite (Nubian / Barbara) Empire... all one and the same) 

moorish history, american history, washington

          America was/is part of the dominions of the Moroccan Empire (Ottoman, Songhai) (see United states code title 22 chapter 2 section 141). 22 USC § 141 to 143 - Repealed. Act Aug. 1, 1956, repealed sections 141 to 143 effective upon the date which the President determined to be appropriate for the relinquishment of jurisdiction of the United States in Morocco. Jurisdiction of the United States in Morocco was relinquished by memorandum of President Eisenhower dated Sept. 15, 1956. Notice was given to Morocco on Oct. 6, 1956, and all pending cases were disposed of by 1960. See Bulletin of the State Department Vol. 35:909, page 844. Section 141, R.S. §§ 4083, 4125, 4126, 4127; act June 14, 1878, ch. 193, 20 Stat. 131, related to judicial authority generally of ministers and consuls of United States in China, Siam, Turkey, Morocco, Muscat, Abyssinia, Persia, and territories formerly part of Ottoman Empire including Egypt.

      In 1777 Morocco becomes the first country to acknowledge America’s independence as a new country. In 1784 Thomas Jefferson (Mason), Benjamin Banneker (said Benjamin Franklin, Mason), and John Adams (Mason) was commissioned to negotiate a treaty with the Emperor of Morocco. In 1786 Morocco became the first (Muslim) country to sign a Peace Treaty with the United States in 1786, Algeria in 1795, Tripoli in 1796, Tunis in 1797, and Muscat (Oman) in 1833 followed.

     "Count Volney author of "THE RUINS OF EMPIRES" translator Joel Barlow (1750-1812) himself was an American statesman well known for drafting the Islam-appeasing Treaty of Tripoli, in which it was written that "the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion" ([TREATY OF TRIPOLI 8 Stat 154]).

            The European nations paid tribute to the Moors well into the 19th century. David MacRitchie in the book, "UNITED STATES AND BARBARY POWERS" the U.S., English, French, Dutch, Danes, and Swedes, and I may say all nations are tributary to the Moors. “Shortly after the United States independence in 1783, she failed to pay the necessary tithes / taxes to Morocco for use of her waters.

The United States also failed to answer Moorish emissaries and the Moroccans responded by detaining United States ships and citizens." David MacRitchie goes further in "ANCIENT AND MODERN BRITONS VOL 1, AND VOL 2" and states, "The Moors had control of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean (paraphrasing)." This is why the U.S. Marines sing of defeating the Moors "From the halls of Montezuma (Mexico) to the shores of Tripoli," confirming in song the extent of the Moorish Empire or dominions of Amexem, or Atlantis.

The United States is NOT a nation, nor a nationality. Note: The United States is of America, but America (Al Morocco) is NOT of the United States, meaning one has a superior position. In 1788-1789 The Sultan (Emperor) Muhammed Ibn Abdullah Bey III and President George Washington exchanging letters about peace and asking the Sultan to intercede with authorities in Tunis and Tripoli to obtain the right of free navigation for American ships in the Mediterranean.


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  1. I also read some where that the Moors were also Hebrews? Than i read that they had mixed with them.

    1. unitedstatesrepublic.info lawfully chartered and incorporated in this is our nation rise mighty ones we have raised our flag again

    2. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Yep Felica, black people are EVERYONE and the ONLY humans on Earth! Everyone else is just an illusion or Aliens...... hahahahahahaha Fucking Moor-ons. This is a cult. Grow up.

    3. https://www.thecrimson.com/article/1970/10/22/did-hebrews-discover-america-pshould-we/

      They are Hebrews even the so-called Moabite Muurs. II Edras 13:40-45 relate the ten northern tribes during the Assyrian Captivity migrated to Azareth ie Arzot haBrit aka Land of the Covenant the scripture Jew Christopher Columbus' Muur guide Pedro used to navigate to the Amaru'ca'.

  2. If this was on the school curriculum and other relationship literature About us the Moors, there would not be so many confused intelligent properties today, eg negros, coloured,etc. Unless we are seen and respected as a nation globally,we will remain intelligent properties. Will pass on to others. HA conscious Moor.

  3. Should read 'a conscious Moor'

  4. Should read 'a conscious Moor'

  5. What is the Sheiks number in Fort Wayne Indiana Moorish Land.

  6. What is the Sheiks number in Fort Wayne Indiana Moorish Land.

  7. Before a person opens his or her mouth, he or she should study history of Pangea- a map the show that North America was once a part of Kemet. We called it Africa and from a geographical point of view there were never Indians in Kemet so as a result the United States is historical Morocco - Indians were used to take the birthright of the Moors. Do the People in India dress like the so-called Indians in North America? Just think about how they dress.

    1. Thanks for sharing your perspective Helen. That was insightful and eye-opening.

    2. Anonymous1:59 PM

      WOW. You are a fucking Moor-on Helen. Pangea was around MILLIONS of years ago and broke up MILLIONS of years before humans. Did you Moors ride Dinosaurs over to America? hahahahahaha And you have no idea what you are saying about "Indians" and India LOL

    3. Nohandz11:59 PM

      The presence of human activity was discovered to exist during the time of Pangea which is prior to the continental drift or as some call the great earthquake. It fact melanated people are the oldest existing people on the planet. Mongoloid (Indians) came from the inter mixing of Moors and Asians and we were reclassified as Black to disconnect us from our inheritance.
      Now; If you google the Pyramids of Giza and zoom out; you'll find they sit in the exact center. That would clearly indicate that you'd have to know the distance from east to west in order to lay out an accurate calculation. In other words there was an obvious knowledge of what land mass was west prior to the construction. It's why we have an Egypt of the West and the Mississippi River would be the Nile of the West.

      The European dark ages is a mild way to admit the ignorance of their culture, it's in their own history books that Moors brought science, mathematics,astronomy,writings, street lamps , running water for diseased Europeans, Universities and libraries to name a few. Our conquest uplifted Europe and it's the reason you see so many DEEP DARK BLACK statues that honor our presence there.

      Europeans conquest to any land mass is in direct contrast to Moorish behavior. Death, disease and destruction is all they can boost as their legacy. The truth is Europeans have always taken the dishonorable road, they've treated their own subjects like second class citizens and have mostly ruled in the form of a Monarchy. It was us who taught them the science of government and through our awakening we're understanding the defacto laws that are in place and our refusal to continue to contract with the U.S. corporation puts us in line with the constitution and that supersedes corporate policy.

      This is what infuriates the trolls who spend their days watching our movements and discussions. We don't think we're above the law. We just understand the difference between lawful and legal....so when we appear "In Propria Persona"
      (which means your proper person....not the fictional ALL CAPS you)
      we find that what's considered legal doesn't always apply.

      Child Support is one of the biggest frauds that cripples our community, it's 100% voluntary. They're a business who happens to rent office space in a court house to fake you out as if you're going to court

      “Waivers of Constitutional Rights, not only must they be voluntary, they must be knowingly intelligent acts done with sufficient awareness.” Brady v. U.S., 397 U.S. 742, 748
      “A Law repugnant to the Constitution is void.”

      In other words, these inferior courts only have jurisdiction because we've consented unknowingly and have agreed to be a member of their corporate fiction. These two facts alone voids most of what we're dragged into court to defend.
      Now you see why their angry, because they can't act in a sovereign capacity on this soil. Those in government know we can because they're fully aware that this is our land. The lie that all Asiatics, (so-called black people) came from Africa as slaves is a house of cards and it's coming down.

      I can go on and on but I'll always speak with an intelligent tone. I won't entertain anyone who tries to insult me without any presentation of facts. Keep that in mind when trolls chime in, they only chime in with harsh words and insults which is a reflection of their mental strengths and obvious weaknesses. They'll always use avatars or remain anonymous, mostly because a vast majority of them actually know the truth and are vigorously trying to keep you from it.

      Don't allow it to put doubt in your mind, continue your research and you'll find a plethora of hidden truths. If anyone wants to debate it; they should debate it with counter research not third grade verbiage.

      And always remember; they are PUBLIC SERVANTS......it's your knowledge of the law that keeps them in check as servants.


  8. This is going to cut many Moors and Muslims. Let me first point out if I cut Moors I am cutting the National of Islam because Elijah Poole Bey was taught by Timothy Drew who became Noble Drew Ali. Many of you therefore will hate Tazadaq because I am an instrument of truth therefore because of selfish ego fulfillment some will not accept this and leave the so-called Moorish Science and acknowledge that they are Hebrew Israelite and are not the children of Ham or Moab. I have been compelled to take the sword away from the Muhammadians and Drew Ali followers. To do so I am compelled to decapitate the lying heads of to prevent them from calling the Muslim and Moors bodies into to submission under such deceitful heads.

    While I have respect for Drew Ali to a degree I also now must expose his folly. If I do not expose this deception Ill die of an intellectual repression or have a Hebrew Israelites convulsion. 1927 Noble Drew Ali plagiarized the Circle 7 Holy Koran. It can’t be Holy because it was taken from someone else works. If we use someone else works we should site the sources to give credit to the person to whom it truly belongs. Otherwise we miss lead others and have them thinking we are knowledgeable but he have stolen someone’s else ideal or works and act as if its our own.If I take out Noble Drew Ali then Moorish American have not leg to stand on, therefore don’t take this personal because if it is truth that you are in search of you wont get mad you will get your minds right and acknowledge and correct your wrongs. I am giving you that opportunity to do just that with this Right Knowledge.

    1. Anonymous1:57 PM

      Drew Ali is a con-man cult leader.

  9. Truth Be told, Tazadawak

  10. Anonymous12:56 PM

    WHAT A FUCKING JOKE! And the Photoshoped picture of Obama! hahahahahaha This is a cult.

    1. This is such a bunch of bull shit, sovereignty over what sovereignty over who? You people go on ahead a claim you rights, and sovereignty, and become what ever nation you want to be, I'm curious to see what you will do to a white man such as myself when you have the power you seek, I'll be watching you.

  11. Anonymous1:50 PM

    I can't find ANY evidence that Morocco "owned" America and let Gorge Washington "have/run" it... NOTHING even close. Try again.

    1. "Letter from George Washington To Muhammed Ibn Abdullah---Sultan Of Morocco." "Act Of Algeciras, April 7, 1906." "Public Law 857, August 1st 1956." <---You Can't Miss It Troll, Welcome To Our Truth!!!

  12. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Why do you lie to your own people like this??? You should be fucking ashamed. Black-washing is the same as white-washing. Moors are like Nazis but the opposite color. Pseudoscience, racist, cult!!!! Don't believe this shit, even if it is being told to you by a black "moor" person, doesn't mean they can't also lie to you just like the evil europeans/christians/muslims. WAKE UP!

  13. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Are you joking? Moors are like Nazis? What are u on? Stop taking drugs and go check up on your history. The biggest racists were the Europeans. Go take a flying jump arsehol!!!

    1. Haha get a life troll.. oh man I forgot parasites needs a host to live... and y’all have been living off of us for A very long time.. that’s coming to an end

  14. I'm amazed as always. I can understand being passionate about your opinions but why do we seek to be so hurtful. Oh my bad, that is the very EVIL this country was built on. My Spirit has been POWERFULLY leading me to truth and NOT to be so powerful that I would EVER reflect the ugly that has been bestowed upon my people for hundreds of years. It's TERRIBLE out here so that way doesn't work. But to have TRUE self awareness is to be truly free. My people like many are under severe mental enslavement and are SOO lost they are only seen as bad. But in the SPIRITUAL REALM I am told to call them BEAUTIFUL people. I believe that freedom would set off a release of empowerment ALL who are willing would benefit from. Being in tune with the beauty of LOVE and JOY and PEACE would help clear up some of the mental health issues. I am in search and even if this not be my truth let me search I should be given that right without being hollered at lol dang people you are way too intense for your own mental health. All is well

    1. Hey 👋🏽 Shanna, where do you feel like you're being attacked from? Just curious. Are you referring to all the racist comments on here and people coming out of the woodworks to attack us researching our own history?

  15. interesting read....history is pretty messed up i feel sorry for our young.

  16. I had a friend at work who started all this moore crap so he said he wasnt going to pay taxes, or pay his mortgage since he had entitlement since he was a moore. So he claimed exempt on his taxes, didnt pay his house payment did all the silly shit u idiots are saying, so he did this for a year or so and i told him " u will regreat it gilbert he said fuck the government im a moore. So i told him, the government wont let u screw them out of their money and he said the same shit u morons are being brain washed to think, he said man fuck them im a moore. Well 3 years later and he gets such a small check because the IRS garnished his wages he had to sell alot of stuff just to live, his wife and kids left him, he lives in a small apartment and barely gets by. Reminds me how they used to tell people they dont have to pay taxes and here is how to get around it amd alot of people ended up in jail. Dont believe this dumb shit this person doesnt care if u end up in jail or in the poor house do what every American does pay ur taxes be a good example for ur kids dont end up like my friend.

    1. You had this friend? Yeah right. "Gilbert" sounds like a dumb ass. LOL Nowhere in this website does it say anything about not paying taxes. Follow your own advice dumb ass.

    2. Anonymous3:45 AM

      It sounds as though your friend, may have not done the work to find out the legal path to take, remember, all of your taxes, payments etc are being paid with paperwork. The bills you use to pay or think you pay for something with are debt notes to start (LEGAL CONTRACTS). The only way to make a change in this system is by understanding it first then make your moves. If you are bound by something on earth you first have to know your bound then take the correct action to un-bind yourself. Typically metal cuts metals or a harder substance, you can't use a cotton ball to open handcuffs. All the cotton ball can do is shine the metal up and make the bounding appear like it glitters (Or less Less Painfull. Let's have solutions and increase not strong talk without remedy. Big heart for all!

  17. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Very interesting information worth checking out for your self. I think it's all very true. We need to know the the truth about who we really are and where we came from. We so called African Americans have been brained washed for so long. Don't dispute what you have not researched for your self. Check out the true meaning of the Word Black and the Word Moor from the Oxford dictionary. All I can tell you is it's very interesting.

  18. Anonymous2:17 PM

    With regard to not paying taxes, you have to understand the true nature of Moorish Law and then it will make more sense. You can't separate History from Law; they go hand in hand.

  19. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Hahaha, so much BS!!!

    Tell me, where in West Africa can I find Andalusian architecture? Traces? PROOFS!!!?

    For some strange reasons they are all in North Africa (Morocco)?

    Ah! Now I understand! The black West African must have felt sorry for them and built everything there before they went down to W.A to be “kidnapped” sold as slaves? Oooh, you West Africans are so good hearted! Thank you! ��.......

    1. There are Moorish buildings all over west Africa contrary to what you are saying. I live in northern Nigeria I see those buildings everyday.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Don’t pay attention to the trolls.. they know their time is about up...

  22. Anonymous3:46 PM

    I am here doing research on the Moors who I have studied previously in my undergraduate years as part of my program on iberian studies. I find these articles posted here very historically inaccurate and there are a lot of leaps and bounds between historic timelines. In addition, the mention of native indigenous people of the Americas as Moors is deeply disrespectful of their very ancient and diverse cultures. These people have lived here before 1492, as your article clearly states as the date of the Moors going to America. The person who brought up Pangaea- wow, you really need to research the timeline of the earth and to learn that humans have been here a very short time. Pangaea actually shifted into two supercontinents- Godwana and Laurasia- this was still the time of dinosaurs. The writing by your beloved "Drew Ali" has constant misspelled words and bad grammar. I cannot find this worthy of serious attention.

  23. Anonymous10:48 PM

    I am learning and reading. Moors are mentioned and recognized by the United Nations. They did not mention Hebrew Israelites. I don't dispute Tazadawak because I do not know. I have read from various sources of Literature written by the Colonials that make reference of the Moors. The descendants of the (Mayflower) U.S. have no Homeland, Europe does not want them back or even claim them thus the reason for their Hate. They are leeches that wander the Earth coveting and stealing in an effort to make themselves noble and worthy. Europe did not send their best. They sent thieves, rapist, pedophiles, and murderers who where dejected in morals, spirit, and physically. They were not intelligent or resourceful and were diseased with all manner of plagues.

  24. Did I miss the nationality?

  25. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Whatever happened to the ROTM militia ? What about all the videos with Jahmal waving weapons around and threatening the police ? What about Lamont Butler and his Shariff's ? All in the lock-up, scampering around in their cells, tying to evade Bubba, TyRone, and LeRoy.

  26. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Whatever Happen To The Original Man He Will All Ways Be The Original Man That also The God He Served Who Founded Civilization For All ManKind And EveryThing Is common Copy A Him So Give Him His Just Do The Original Man The Blackman
    He Laid Ground World For Contribution
    Thank You


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