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Moorish Americans are rich | GDP of $2.2 Trillion

12:22 PM

Black Americans (Moors) If We Were A Nation (We Are! 😉) We'd Be The 10th Largest In The World GDP Over $2.2 TRILLION

  On a positive note, because we always here about the negative...

We Have Power, Now It's Time To Exercise It!

African-Americans' total GDP is $2.2 trillion, if African Americans were a country, they'd be the 10th largest country in the world. African-Americans are about 15% of the US population, with a estimated population of 42 million people.

Africa's TOTAL GDP across all 54 COUNTRIES is $2.3 trillion spread across a approximate population of 900 - 1 billion people. African-Americans' total GDP is $2.2 trillion with a approximate population of 42 million people, which is a fraction of 3% - 4% of Africa's population.

The State of the African-American Consumer Report found that African American GDP is projected to reach $2.9 trillion, with a buying power projected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2015, The Louisiana Weekly reports.

Nielson reports that African Americans are spending on average $1.2 trillion dollars annually.  In addition to that, Nielson's report states that African Americans wield a "cool factor" of influence over mainstream society which influences the spending habits of Americans in general.

The buying power of African Americans is expected to rise from $1.3 trillion in 2017 to $1.54 trillion in 2022 – and will continue to outpace the spending of the total national population.

The study from the Louisiana Weekly, which focuses on black spending, media habits and consumer trends, reported an increase in the amount of blacks attending college or earning a degree to 44 percent for men and 53 percent for women. It also found an increase in the number of African American households earning $75,000 or higher by almost 64 percent.
Our nation is already strong.

"By sharing, for example, that African Americans over-index in several key areas, including television viewing and mobile phone usage," said Susan Whiting, vice chair of information and analytics company Nielsen. "We've provided a better picture of where the African American community can leverage that buying power to help their communities."

Nielsen partnered with the National Newspaper Publishers Association, also known as the Black Press of America, to release the report. The companies announced the results on Sept. 22 at the 41st Annual Legislative Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Conference.

"Too often, companies don't realize the inherent differences of our community, are not aware of the market size impact and have not optimized efforts to develop messages beyond those that coincide with Black History Month," said NNPA chairman, Cloves Campbell. "It is our hope that by collaborating with Nielsen, we'll be able to tell the African American consumer story in a manner in which businesses will understand, and, that this understanding will propel those in the C-Suite to develop stronger, more inclusive strategies that optimize their market growth in Black communities, which would be a win-win for all of us."

Other notable findings in the report include:

Blacks make more shopping trips than all other groups, but spend less money per trip. Blacks in higher income brackets, also spend 300 percent more in higher end retail grocers more than any other high-income household.

There were 23.9 million active Black Internet users in July 2011--76 percent of whom visited a social networking/blog site.
Thirty-three percent of all Blacks own a smart phone.

Black Americans use more than double the amount of mobile phone voice minutes compared to whites--1,298 minutes a month vs. 606.

Country 2012
European Union 18,084.866
United States 15,880.207
China 7,209.418
Japan 5,920.556
Germany 3,599.981
France 2,834.353
United Kingdom 2,602.487
Brazil 2,576.244
Italy 2,245.905
If African Americans were a nation (We Are Moors!), they'd have the 10th highest GDP in the world.
Russia 2,197.710
Canada 1,809.315
India 1,858.969
Spain 1,524.063
Australia 1,470.027
Mexico 1,231.642
South Korea 1,201.535
Netherlands 852.482
Indonesia 908.125
Turkey 876.583
Switzerland 602.593
Saudi Arabia 606.016
Sweden 591.544
Taiwan 545.458
Belgium 518.073
Poland 535.270
Norway 494.242
Argentina 526.299
Iran 450.945
Austria 419.913
South Africa 402.493
United Arab Emirates 384.196
Denmark 350.359
Thailand 367.875
Greece 313.514
Colombia 331.856
Venezuela 299.932
Nigeria 288.822
Finland 271.477
Singapore 266.157
Malaysia 267.753
Hong Kong 265.154
Portugal 237.472
Israel 248.991
Chile 244.272
Egypt 251.867
Czech Republic 238.605
Ireland 217.442
Philippines 217.580
Pakistan 213.874
Qatar 211.851
Algeria 200.863
Romania 190.388
Kuwait 185.496
Kazakhstan 186.700
Peru 181.372
Ukraine 171.371
New Zealand 157.877
Hungary 140.051
Vietnam 128.508
Bangladesh 126.414
Angola 122.542
Iraq 128.094
Morocco 107.533
Slovakia 100.649
Sudan 79.497
Azerbaijan 78.275
Syria 73.901
Belarus 76.985
Oman 69.019
Croatia 67.939
Ecuador 68.682
Luxembourg 64.417
Sri Lanka 64.047
Dominican Republic 58.866
Bulgaria 56.414
Myanmar 53.451
Slovenia 53.042
Tunisia 49.040
Guatemala 49.515
Serbia 48.403
Uzbekistan 47.906
Uruguay 46.451
Lebanon 45.934
Lithuania 42.775
Costa Rica 43.106
Yemen 40.605
Ghana 43.705
Kenya 40.620
Jordan 32.896
Panama 33.074
Ethiopia 32.372
Bahrain 28.305
Latvia 27.448
Cameroon 26.708
Cyprus 26.180
Tanzania 25.428
El Salvador 24.555
Côte d’Ivoire 24.938
Trinidad and Tobago 24.811
Paraguay 25.025
Bolivia 25.633
Estonia 21.219
Equatorial Guinea 20.801
Zambia 21.458
Afghanistan 19.191
Bosnia and Herzegovina 19.527
Nepal 20.408
Honduras 18.173
Gabon 17.429
Uganda 16.642
Brunei 16.732
Republic of the Congo 16.759
Botswana 16.542
D.R. of the Congo 16.176
Jamaica 15.878
Senegal 14.793
Iceland 14.578
Namibia 13.980
Albania 13.887
Cambodia 14.302
Georgia 13.266
Mozambique 12.940
Papua New Guinea 11.340
Mali 11.392
Mauritius 10.986
Macedonia 10.784
Armenia 10.397
Chad 10.441
Burkina Faso 10.302
Zimbabwe 9.936
Malta 9.344
Mongolia 10.691
Madagascar 9.518
The Bahamas 8.082
Haiti 9.210
Benin 7.809
Nicaragua 7.547
Laos 7.441
Tajikistan 7.762
Moldova 7.298
Kosovo 6.931
Niger 7.380
Rwanda 6.583
Malawi 6.061
Kyrgyzstan 5.617
Guinea 4.975
Mauritania 4.768
Barbados 4.481
Montenegro 4.350
Suriname 4.565
Swaziland 3.662
Togo 3.771
Fiji 3.425
Eritrea 3.049
Lesotho 2.553
Guyana 2.610
Central African Republic 2.406
Sierra Leone 2.481
Maldives 2.230
Cape Verde 2.039
Burundi 1.894
Bhutan 1.574
Belize 1.542
Djibouti 1.351
Antigua and Barbuda 1.231
Liberia 1.327
The Gambia 1.212
Saint Lucia 1.107
Seychelles 1.008
Guinea-Bissau 0.961
Solomon Islands 0.826
Vanuatu 0.828
Grenada 0.789
East Timor 0.807
Samoa 0.644
Saint Vincent/Grenadines 0.638
Saint Kitts and Nevis 0.582
Comoros 0.589
Dominica 0.406
Tonga 0.390
São Tomé and Príncipe 0.232
Kiribati 0.173
Tuvalu 0.035

List of Black Owned Banks

In alignment with this article about how Moorish Americans have a GDP over $2 trillion dollars please check out and patronize the Moorish-owned banks on this list...

Black Owned Banks....

If you live in these cities Support Black Owned Banks

A list ‪#‎BlackOwnedBanks‬:
1. One United Bank - Los Angeles,California
2. Seaway Bank - Chicago, Illinois
3. North Milwaukee State Bank - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
4. The Harbor Bank- Baltimore, Maryland
5. Liberty Bank - New Orleans, Louisiana
6. United Bank of Philadelphia - Philadelphia, Penn
7. Industrial Bank - Washington D.C.
8. First Tuskegee Bank - Tuskegee, Alabama
9. Mechanics & Farmers Bank - Durham, North Carolina
10. First Independence Bank - Detroit, Michigan
11. Alamerica Bank - Birmingham, Alabama
12. Broadway Federal Bank - Los Angeles, California
13. Carver State Bank - Savannah, Georgia
14. Capital City Bank - Atlanta, Georgia
15. Citizens Trust Bank - Atlanta, Georgia
16. City National Bank - Newark, New Jersey
17. Commonwealth National Bank - Mobile, Alabama
18. First State Bank - Danville, Virginia
19. Highland Community Bank - Chicago, Illinois
20. Illinois Service Federal - Chicago, Illinois
21. Unity National Bank - Houston, Texas
22. Carver Federal Savings Bank - New York, New York
23. OneUnited Bank - Miami, Florida
24. OneUnited Bank - Boston, Massachusetts
25. Tri-State Bank - Memphis, Tennessee
26. Citizens Bank - Nashville, Tennessee
27. South Carolina Community Bank - Columbia, South Carolina
28. Columbia Savings and Loan - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
29. Liberty Bank - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
30. Liberty Bank - Kansas City, Missouri
31. Liberty Bank - Detroit, Michigan
32. Liberty Bank - Chicago, Illinois
33. Liberty Bank - Jackson, Mississippi
34. Toledo Urban Credit Union - Toledo, Ohio
35. Hill District Credit Union - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
36. FAMU Federal Credit Union - Tallahassee, Florida
37. Credit Union of Atlanta - Atlanta, Georgia
38. Omega Psi Phi Credit Union - Lawrenceville, Georgia

Now let's get The Moorish Science Temple of America bank on here!


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  1. Great article! However, next time please check your grammar and spelling because, unfortunately, it causes the writer to lose credibility. (Just a helpful tip and kind reminder because I would love for these messages to more widely accepted.)

    1. to be more widely accepted* ........myself included lol

  2. Thanks yeah, you know what...I didn't list my sources in this article either. Very little of this actually included my own words. I did not get anyone else to edit this for me and I need to go back and find my sources as well.

  3. Wonderfully informative article; now its time to consolidate our culturaL and financial resources restoring the nation.

  4. Yes. Next time you fill out an application or complete medical documents check the box other and write in Moorish descendent. We need to take back our true identity. Be proud of who we are. I have made that change.

  5. Yes. Next time you fill out an application or complete medical documents check the box other and write in Moorish descendent. We need to take back our true identity. Be proud of who we are. I have made that change.

  6. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Actually, these numbers are even higher... Don't forget the Deys and those of Moorish descent, who do not identify as AA... We could actually be in the top 5!

  7. Anonymous3:41 PM

    What are we Moors/Muurs/Maurs going to do about all of the wealth associated with those Private Bond serial Numbers on the back of the Socialist Security Slave Insurance Card?


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