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Someone has no problem wearing the fez

9:32 PM

monkey wearing fez
You know when your monkey butler tries your fez on while he thinks you're out? I hate that.
Call me crazy but this picture says a lot to me.  Moorish Americans are invisible on an international level when we accept the terms placed on us.

Meanwhile the monkey is wearing our national headdress behind closed doors in the Shriner temples while we figure out who we really are.

Look at that.  Ever wondered why the world was so messed up?  Look who's running the show.

I like this picture though because it is symbolic of what is going on in the world, in particular for Moorish Americans.

The way I see it, symbolically this picture showing a monkey wearing the fez is indicative of the situation in which Moorish Americans find themselves in, where the troglodyte nigger (ancestor of European people) is attempting to wear a fez and act civilized, while looking up at the real man who has no nationality (hence the missing face). The monkey is looking up and hoping that the man doesn't wake up because when he does, his fun and games will come to an end!

Many world leaders and powerful men of European descent wear the Shriner's version of the fez and even pay homage to Al-Islam in their lodges.  Only Freemasons that complete all degrees are allowed to become a Shriner and wear the fez

Mankind, kind of a man, who is closely related to the ape, or troglodyte nigger, is ruling the world.  When their ancestors were still living in cages, our civilization was on the decline.  Our ancestors had cities with libraries, universities, and pyramids built all over the world.

Our wisdom was passed down through the ancient mystery schools, with the wisdom from Egypt/Kemet, one of our last advanced civilizations, being passed down to the Moors.  Moorish empires spanned the entire globe within the last millennia.  One of the last keys to our own liberation is the taking back of what is rightfully our heritage and birthright!

If this knowledge doesn't make you want to claim your nationality and fulfill your destiny as a Moorish American I don't know what will.

Pics below:

moors meme shriner fez

john d rockefeller fez shriner
Is that John D. Rockefeller wearing a Shriner fez?

world leaders shriners

shriner on a fez morocco vehicle

president harry truman shriner fez
Here's president Truman with his Shriner buddies


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