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Wait Were The Olmec And Easter Island Heads Wearing a Fez? πŸ˜•πŸ€”

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ancient olmec easter island moors with fez Hang on, is it possible that the fez was being worn in the ancient Americas by the Olmecs and other tribes as well as on the other side of the Pacific Ocean?  Was the fez being worn in ancient Kemet as well as on remote islands such as Easter Island?

I alluded to the possibilities of an ancient worldwide civilization with a Moorish connection in this video and also provided some compelling research and artifacts found worldwide to back up this claim.  Check out the video below.

There is more compelling information as well.  Check this stuff out and be sure to share this article!

"The Fez in the American pantheon simply becomes the graduation cap geometrically speaking. The Fez of the Easter Island mois has been described as a pukao topped with a conical knob. This headdress is made of red volcanic material found in a small crater on the side of a larger volcano, known as Punapau, they are classified as large cylinders from four to eight feet in height and nine feet across, this headgear has been interpreted in various ways: basket, crown, hat, turban, diadem of flours, according to Catherine and Michael Orliac’s “Easter Island Mystery of the Stone Giants”. David Hatcher Childress in his book “Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria and the Pacific” states “At one end of a clubhouse of Santa Maria in the Bank Islands there are ancient stone figures which in one respect at least, resemble the colossal statues in one variety of the representatives of the human figure found throughout Melanesia, and is almost certainly connected with the importance of head-coverings in the ritual of the ancient secret societies. It is therefore of interest that head-covering should be a prominent feature of the statue of Easter Island”."

inden moorlaan

fez cactus in turks and caicos islands

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The Huevolution of Sacred Muur Science Past and Present, A Theoretical CompilationNoble Timothy Myers - EL 

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  1. Moor = from the Almoravid dynasty = constituted of a Berber tribe called Senegal/Sanhaya/Sandaya. The name Moor comes from a Senegalese dynasty which ruled Spain.

    Nigeria and Niger come from Najjer, which means carpenter. They made boats, and their capital was named Kano or Canoe. Obviously essential for trade.

    Ghana/Akan/Guanin means Gold. Before independence Ghana was called the Gold Coast.

    Also check out Constantin Raffinesque's Primitive Black Nations Of America (1832).

    1. Anonymous7:10 PM

      Why are you guys running around saying the Moors are a worldwide empire. When all they did was visit other cultures and For some reason through trade you think Moors are the original people stop it. This is the reason why The infighting is going on in America. Moors are colonizers plain and simple. THE MOOR ARE ONLY 1500 YRS OLD. PRIOR TO EL ANDALUSA. WHERE ARE THE MOORS.

  2. give the invitation of truth


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