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Minnesota Protester Declares: We Are Moorish American | America is Actually Africa 👳🏽‍♀️

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My synopsis on an interesting video clip that I saw shared online recently in which a protester claimed that "African Americans" are actually indigenous to North America and should be referred to as Moorish Americans.

moorish american minnesota protester africa is america
I'm not going to lie, I was put off by the emotional delivery that the protestor had, but, for the most part he was speaking the truth.  For that reason, what he said cannot be discounted.

WTF is Going on With "Black People"???!!! 😕😕

An alternative media outlet called Unicorn Riot shared footage of people protesting the not guilty verdict of the police officer that lynched Philando Castile in cold blood in Minnesota.  The original video was over two hours long. (SOURCE)

In a short clip on Facebook poking fun at a single protester's frustration with the verdict we witnessed a poignant diatribe that has begun to go viral.

protester kang moorish american

Most of the commenters were making fun of what the protester said.  To the average person, be they "American" or foreigner, what this man had to say would sound crazy.  I get it too, people have no idea why "African Americans" are starting to say that they are Israelites or Moorish Americans.  In addition to this, many are now stating that they are the original indigenous inhabitants of the Americas.

A Lot of White People Are Pissed the Fuck Off!!!

Some of the comments were blatantly ignorant and others were racist in nature and inciting white people to inflict harm on Moorish Americans, erroneously referred to as African Americans, or blacks.  Check out these screenshots of what some people had to say about the video clip.  I see the same type of hate speech on this website.

Basically, white people don't want to hear you complaining about being lynched, thinking outside of the box on your own history and nationality, or hear that you are tired of the labels that have been placed upon you, such as negro, black, colored, or African American.

This type of hate speech is not to be taken lightly and should be investigated by the federal government because white people in the United States have a history of violence against people of color.  Their threats are not empty either, as they have stockpiles of weapons and are just waiting on anything to provoke them enough to start carrying out attacks on innocent so-called "African American" citizens.

We Wuz Kangs an Sheit | Who Are the So-Called African Americans?

we wuz kangs an sheitBrowse through the various articles on this website to learn more about this topic.  Look at this article with an open mind on hidden history of the black indigenous Americans to gain an understanding on where the man in this video was coming from.  Eventually this truth will be revealed to the entire world and more Moorish Americans will awaken and accept this as their reality.

For now though, this type of speech in the mainstream is crazy talk.  This line of thinking is so outside of the norm that it is easy to blow off and/or be ridiculed.  There are entire threads on sites such as Reddit and memes making fun of afrocentric schools of thought and black people that believe they are descendants of the ancient Egyptians.

ConspiracyDude'sFury on YouTube did a great job explaining why this line of thinking is so crazy and difficult for people, especially African Americans, to accept in this video.

Slavery Was a Blessing in Disguise! 🤔🤔

In his Why they created the African American | Pt 2 video CDFury did a masterful job breaking down the psychology of the "African American" community as a hole.  He hit on how the "African American" line of thinking teaches you through social construct that "slavery was a blessing in disguise" for "black people".  The black Christian believes, even if he is in denial, that without slavery, he would not know about his lord and savior, and therefore, he has been civilized and brought out of the jungle through the suffering of his ancestors.

Why is it Important to Tell Your Own Narrative? | African American or Moorish American

Up until today, the "African American" has yet to figure out his own place in society.  He was forced into a religion (Christianity) and is renamed every 30 to 40 years with a new label, such as negro, colored, black, and now African American.  The "African American" has no nationality and has labels such as "black", which offer him no legal protection under the law.  In addition to that "African Americans" willingly accept the label "minorities" without realizing that a "minor" from a legal standpoint is considered incompetent and unable to adequately care for himself or make sound decisions. 🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽

I'm going to borrow again from the homie CDFury's skillful production showing how "African Americans" are taken advantage of and lynched in mass numbers Why Black Children Inherit Dust | Part 2. Generational poverty are placed on the "African American" community, which finds itself forever in the cross-hairs of vicious attacks from all angles.

None of this will change until so-called "black people" begin to define who they are.  They are told that they come from far-off Africa, with no distinction or detail as to which countries they originate from.  They are tricked into not feeling a connection to their native land in North America, even though most African Americans, as I do, have grandparents that tell them that their ancestors were Native Americans.

The "African American" must stop accepting the story that has been given to him.  All of it must be discarded.  The modern "African American" is a creation of the European.

What to Do | In Conclusion

I don't have all of the answers but I do believe that we have a lot of work to do.  The most important thing for you to do if you believe that you are "African American" is to widen your perspective.  It is imperative that you think outside of the box and accept the possibility that there is more to the story of who you are than meets the eye.

With that said, what can one do with this line of thinking?  How can it benefit you or enrich your life?  The most powerful transformation that can occur is the one that happens within when you realize that your people must be special if so much work is being done to keep you ignorant of who you really are.  You can work with like minds and build business links with them.

That is the most important thing though, to stay productive and handle your business.  I would not recommend anyone to go around running their mouth like the man in this video did.  Nothing was accomplished from that rant.  All it did was incite the anger of some racist white people that watched it, some of whom have weapons and are actually preparing for some type of domestic warfare.

We have nothing to do with the beefs and disagreements that white Americans have with each other.  They are mad about Trump, Obama, and everything else that you can think of.  Their communities are in dire situations right now, breaking down from within through drug abuse (meth, heroin) and represent a powder keg about to explode.  A lot of racists gathered around Trump, as they thought he would be their leader, and the disappointment either over his actual policies or the attempts of his political foes to get him out of office on charges of treason are another reason that many radical whites are prepping their militias for domestic war.

We are not prepared to fight these people and just need to stay out of their way as we handle our own priorities.  As long as we are doing business and working on protecting our own communities we will be just fine.  Protesting in the streets is non-productive.  We do not have to tell anyone what we know.  I'm definitely not ashamed to know my heritage as a Moorish American but there is no benefit in running my mouth about it to the masses.  "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces. 😉🤐

There is really no point in running your mouth about this knowledge unless you are in a position to do something about it, or exert your own power on Earth, in the here and now.  We don't need to deny it or carry on the lie, but the best thing to do is handle our business behind the scenes.  In time, the truth will come out as more of us write our own history books, finance our own research, and even begin to rewrite the annals of mainstream academia.  It's not going to happen overnight, just as we did not find ourselves in this position in one night.  We have to be in this battle for the long haul.

odb grandfather wickham cuffieOne famous person that mentioned his Indian heritage to the confusion of the mainstream media was ODB from the Wu Tang Clan.  Ol' Dirty Bastard was always painted as crazy, but in reality he was far ahead of his time and knew the reality about his people. Ol' Dirty Bastard's grandfather was Chief Fred Cuffie.  He and other members of Wu Tang Clan were descendants of Shinnecock Indians.

They could trace their history back to their tribe on paper.  ODB's verse on the Wu-Tang Clan's Reunited "The Indian that sold Manhattan to the white man, my grandfather" was not just a crazy rant.  He knew his family history and actually had been participating in pow wows growing up.  "Our family's legacy did not die along with our great great grandfather Wickham Cuffie who was reported to be the last "pure-breed" Shinnecock Indian at his death in 1915."

I don't like how emotional this guy was but he did drop some truth.  Here is the video clip and transcript.  Peace!

“Listen up! Y’all don’t understand. This land that you stand on, that you think is America? This is actually Africa. The dear Mississippi that you love? That’s the Nile River,” he shouted.

“This is our land. You are aboriginal indigenous American,” he declared. “You are a Moorish American.”

He went on to demand that he no longer be called “African-American” and wanted to see the police officers’ green cards.

“They need weapons, we don’t need to weapons,” he shouted, “Huh?!? Huh?!?”

“Stop calling us black. We not African-American. We Moorish American,” he said, referring to the Muslim conquerors from the 8th Century.

“We own this land. Know the laws of the land,” the man declared."



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