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Ancient American History | America Being the Latest and Most Accurate Desc of the New World

5:11 PM

 The passage on this page is highlighted for a reason.

Egypt has been here in America the entire time and we didn't even know it.

"We are not indebted to either ancient Egypt for either Religion or Masonry, but to America.

It is a fact that at Memphis, Egypt, in the Pyramids, under the guidance of the Kings, the Mystic Rites of masonry were worked many thousands of years ago, but at the time Egypt and the continent of America were one and the same.

"In America, re-discovered in the fifteenth century and re-populated in the seventeenth, was re-covered Egypt and the promised land, or the land of the constellation of the Eagle""

This passage is from the book Ancient Oriental Masonry by Clymer, R. Swinburne (Reuben Swinburne) in 1907.

Here is a link to the pdf (Shout out to Dey la Vega):  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz4zN3bnwdPKdWktN18xcVBFUWc/view?usp=drivesdk

Check this book out below as well.

Written in 1671 this book gives a full account of the Americas and its inhabitants. They don't teach this stuff in history class.

The title is long
America : being the latest, and most accurate description of the New World : containing the original of the inhabitants, and the remarkable voyages thither : the conquest of the vast empires of Mexico and Peru, and other large provinces and territories, with the several European plantations in those parts : also their cities, fortresses, towns, temples, mountains, and rivers : their habits, customs, manners, and religions : their plants, beasts, birds, and serpents : with an appendix containing, besides several other considerable additions, a brief survey of what hath been discover'd of the unknown south-land and the Arctick region (1671)

Here is the entire book.

This book is in a museum in London. It talks about the entire Americas. They have it archived online: https://archive.org/details/America00Ogil

The book is extremely old and rare.
If you want a physical copy it is going to cost at least $13,000 or more!


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  1. What page and what book can the highlighted passage be found on?

    1. Please refer to the section of this article that has the entire book. You can read and search it from this site or download it to your computer.

  2. Thank you for creating this blog. Peace and Islam from near Cape Town South Africa

    1. Peace Wendy,
      Thanks for the positivity!

  3. https://books.google.com/books?id=2vlVFKo4pesC&pg=PA25&lpg=PA25&dq=%22We+are+not+indebted+to+either+ancient+Egypt+for+either+Religion+or+Masonry,+but+to+America.+It+is+a+fact+that+at+Memphis,+Egypt,+in+the+Pyramids,+under+the+guidance+of+the+Kings,+the+Mystic+Rites+of+masonry+were+worked+many+thousands+of+years+ago,+but+at+the+time+Egypt+and+the+continent+of+America+were+one+and+the+same.&source=bl&ots=xkvQ2k3J4f&sig=7j3UZ2O5GqGH8Mc-NpZvdkXQ4s4&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiY3sXtirbJAhXGYiYKHXUWBcAQ6AEIIzAB#v=onepage&q=%22We%20are%20not%20indebted%20to%20either%20ancient%20Egypt%20for%20either%20Religion%20or%20Masonry%2C%20but%20to%20America.%20It%20is%20a%20fact%20that%20at%20Memphis%2C%20Egypt%2C%20in%20the%20Pyramids%2C%20under%20the%20guidance%20of%20the%20Kings%2C%20the%20Mystic%20Rites%20of%20masonry%20were%20worked%20many%20thousands%20of%20years%20ago%2C%20but%20at%20the%20time%20Egypt%20and%20the%20continent%20of%20America%20were%20one%20and%20the%20same.&f=false

  4. https://books.google.com/books?id=2vlVFKo4pesC&pg=PA25&lpg=PA25&dq=%22We+are+not+indebted+to+either+ancient+Egypt+for+either+Religion+or+Masonry,+but+to+America.+It+is+a+fact+that+at+Memphis,+Egypt,+in+the+Pyramids,+under+the+guidance+of+the+Kings,+the+Mystic+Rites+of+masonry+were+worked+many+thousands+of+years+ago,+but+at+the+time+Egypt+and+the+continent+of+America+were+one+and+the+same.&source=bl&ots=xkvQ2k3J4f&sig=7j3UZ2O5GqGH8Mc-NpZvdkXQ4s4&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiY3sXtirbJAhXGYiYKHXUWBcAQ6AEIIzAB#v=onepage&q=%22We%20are%20not%20indebted%20to%20either%20ancient%20Egypt%20for%20either%20Religion%20or%20Masonry%2C%20but%20to%20America.%20It%20is%20a%20fact%20that%20at%20Memphis%2C%20Egypt%2C%20in%20the%20Pyramids%2C%20under%20the%20guidance%20of%20the%20Kings%2C%20the%20Mystic%20Rites%20of%20masonry%20were%20worked%20many%20thousands%20of%20years%20ago%2C%20but%20at%20the%20time%20Egypt%20and%20the%20continent%20of%20America%20were%20one%20and%20the%20same.&f=false

  5. Anonymous5:10 PM

    The evidence is overwhelming that America is not only ancient so-termed Egypt but also the land of all biblical events in the so-termed Old Testament. http://demibrandon.com.

    1. Is this the author? I am interested in getting the Black Exiles book. Sounds incredible!

  6. Almir Alamgir Bey5:16 PM

    Peace brother Sharif Ali. I need some clarification. When you go to pages 38-39 in the book it says "Now to shut up all, it is evident, that the first Planters of America were not Europeans from the diflimilitude of the People, both in their Complexions,Language,and Persons ] nor Africans , becaufe that in .all the far spreading Countrey/of America, not one Negro is to be found, except a few near the River Martha
    in the little Territory Qudrequa which must by;. Storm be drove thither from the Guiny coast. So that Asia, the Mother of All people, onely remains to be the implanter of our America" Can you build on this for me?

  7. Almir Alamgir Bey5:21 PM

    Excuse me. pages 39-40

    1. It may take a minute, I would need to read the entire passage to get the context of what he's saying but it sounds like from that quote, that the writer is describing America as having different ethnic people here. I have no idea where the River Martha refers to and when he refers to Asians, is he referencing Indians (whom can be very dark-skinned or Chinese-looking people). Another worth noting is that India was called Hindustan at the time that they referred to the natives over here as Indians.

    2. Anonymous11:40 PM

      No America is a "Negro" continent period. The book even shows depictions of the True Indians. NO mongoloids are Aboriginal here.

  8. Greetings brother, question, how does this tie into the Olmec tribe?, it is a fact that they inhabited the Americas some 40,000 years ago(according to carbon dating) is it safe to say that they were in fact the original Moors?

    1. Basically there is a ton of physical evidence (which has been covered up) connecting the ancient Olmec culture to sites in Georgia and around Poverty Point in Louisiana. I have an article about the Georgia connection here on my site: http://www.moorsinamerica.com/2016/06/georgia-mayan-connection-mayas-in.html

      Add in to that there are Moors from Louisiana and other parts of the south that have oral traditions of our people moving into those regions from Central America. Look up the Washitaw Moors.



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