Fake Outrage Over the Original Copper Skin-Toned Native Americans Claiming Their Heritage

5:44 PM

It's true.  The only reason the five dollar Indians (white Native Americans) are mad that the so-called African American is starting to wake up and realize they have been hoodwinked is because deep down even the most ignorant white people know they don't look anything like the copper-toned indigenous people that the Europeans encountered when they first came to the Americas.

Even Donald Trump had to call b.s. on the run by whites to claim Indian status for government benefits and casino privileges.

There is a huge agenda to keep Moorish Americans, in other words African-Americans, from realizing that they are the elusive Native American, who we are always told is almost extinct.

Importance of the 1828 Definition of American

The first modern Merriam-WebsterDictionary was published in 1828.  It was the culmination of 20 years of work and scholarly research to produce a complete lexicon of the English language and terminology.  In this dictionary it contains a very interesting definition of the word American, and synonymously, Native American, which implies that the term used to apply to dark skinned people but now applies to the descendants of Europeans.

"AMER'ICAN, n. - A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored
races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America." - 1828 Webster Dictionary

Keep in mind that in 1828 "blacks" were being enslaved via the internal slave trade where free black people could be captured and sold off into slavery by whites.  Most Native American tribes were at war with the United States government or already defeated.  In reality, blacks that became enslaved were POWs.  This is why the black community is still occupied and treated marginally to this day.  We are and always have been the indigenous to this land.  (Read more on this topic here black natives)

Don't fall for the okey doke anymore.  The time for fake outrage and feigned ignorance to the indigenous roots of "African Americans" is over!  This is not a joking matter, because there are rights and laws which apply to the aboriginal people of the land which the dominant society does not want us to take advantage of.

Did a Senator Just Call African Americans Aborigines?

Just a few years ago an Alabama senator, Scott Beason, came under fire for referring to African Americans as aborigines. During an FBI sting the Senator and several other legislatures were recorded referring to African Americans by the backdoor terms of "Indian" and "Aborigine".  Here's how it went down:
Alabama state senator Scott Beason (R), who sponsored the state’s tough new immigration law, has been caught on tape referring to black customers of a casino as “aborigines.” Beason made the offensive comparison while wearing audio recording equipment for the FBI as part of an investigation into a group of people accused of buying and selling pro-gambling votes in the legislature.

The Associated Press reports:
In one transcript, Beason and two other Republican legislators were talking about economic development in predominantly black Greene County and the customers at one of the county’s largest employers, the Greenetrack casino in Eutaw.

“That’s y’all’s Indians,” one Republican said.
“They’re aborigines, but they’re not Indians,” Beason replied. […]

Alabama Senator Scott Beason calls black people Aborigines. Of course the Senator received backlash after his comment. Why? Well, for some deep reason, “they” want to hide the true identity of black people especially those in the Americas. Evidence of black people being the true native Americans is becoming more accessible to the public. This information has been suppressed (from the public) for many years. For one reason or another, “they” want blacks in the Americas to believe they arrived on slave ships. But scientist, historians, archeologist and anthropologist have confirmed that black people are indigenous to every land on the planet.

 Behind closed doors, some of these people (ESPECIALLY white people in power) know exactly who African-Americans really are.  They would never admit this in public because billions, maybe even trillions, of dollars are at stake.  They are perpetrating a huge fraud and can never reveal this secret without losing their head.  Literally and figuratively, since this is the biggest secret of the white freemasons.

You're the Biggest Secret...Hiram Abiff

The symbology of Hiram Abiff's story and secret burial is often lost on Prince Hall freemasons, the black branch of masonry.  You so-called African Americans are Hiram Abiff (the True King of Egypt) and you have been knocked over the head with the setting-maul, and buried right here in North America.  You, even the majority of you whom are Prince Hall masons, do not have knowledge of self and are unaware that the entire mythology is about you, which is why you still are not allowed into the same lodges as the white freemasons and shriners.

The master mason can never reveal this secret.  Most white freemasons know this, even if they play stupid.  Their approach to masonry is not the same as black masons, who mainly treat the craft as a graduation from college fraternities.  They have no idea that they are Hiram Abiff, who must be silenced and kept mentally dead, only to one day rise again from the grave.

By killing you mentally and removing your ability to think independently, you have no idea who you are, or where you come from.  Even the notion of you being indigenous to North America would sound ridiculous because it is so outside of the construct of your origin that has been provided to you by your white overseers.

Fake Outrage at the True Copper Skin-Toned Native Americans

All types of people are discussing you, the so-called African American and who you really are.  While the typical person, irregardless to race has no idea that African Americans are actually indigenous to America there is little doubt that people in position of powers are clueless on the real identity of these people.

Many regular white people know this fact as well, but feign ignorance.  They will take this secret to
the grave.  Even some of the New Age, so-called enlightened whites are angry and scared at the concept of black people being the true Native Americans.  It is more like common sense, but since everyone is under the spell of white supremacy, they do not see it.  The identity of the African American as the true Native American is easy to see, and the clues are all laid out right in front of our face.

It's just like the fictional situation of Superman/Clark Kent.  In the DC Universe, somehow, Superman is able to blend in as a normal human and evade detection simply by placing a pair of glasses on his face and becoming Clark Kent.  It's just a comic book, but the idea that people wouldn't pick up on this switcheroo is ridiculous.

In our world, all of the artifacts, ancient folklore, and even descriptions of the Native Americans by European explorers describe modern day African-Americans.  It's all right there in your face but the average person doesn't see it.  It's so bad that if you try to point the obvious out to people they will either go into shock or say preposterous things to combat the concept of black Native Americans.

The book America: being the latest, and most accurate description of the New World, from 1671 has descriptions and drawings of the ancient Native Americans as depicted by the Europeans who encountered them.  There look very much like modern day African Americans.

The book is extremely old and rare.
If you want a physical copy it is going to cost at least $13,000 or more! (You can read it on this site for free though: Ancient America book)


You are the biggest secret.  People are discussing you behind closed doors and now, all over the internet.  For more information on black Native Americans click here.


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  1. This comment I saw on a Hub page about the Washitaw was awesome and I just thought I'd share it.
    AfroNative 17 months ago

    "All i know is being black is a crime in the south mostly everywhere. I took 8 different DNA test between 2008-2013. Only 3 of them said i was 78% native amerikkkan. The other 5 said im an african. So i contacted the ones who said i was African and presented my other results. Tell me why when i met with a representative ( LIARS) from each of the companies they said my results from the 3 others were not accurate. So my happy go lucky a** got a court issued warrant that stated i have the rights to take a free hands on training in DNA genetics from all 8 of the companies. ( GET READY ) When i was being trained and learned how to look for certain DNA markers i found out that i was actually 78% native amerikkkan and 22% European. I was so dumbfounded and mad at the same time i wanted to sue and exploit them but when i got the warrant i also signed a document stating that i cant do no such thing smdh. But i can tell you this becareful with DNA tests they can be inaccurate and are purposely lied to all black/people of color/africans. If you see me in person i have shiny silky wavy hair which can produce an average afro and im 3x blacker than obama more like a shade lighter than micheal jordan or darn near the same tone. My great grandpops is a mason and he says us native amerikkkans are decendants from the olmec people. He also states that atleast 10-15% of black people in amerikkka came from AFRICA and the rest of us was already HERE in amerikkka way waaayy before any european being created atleast 30-40,000 years ago. He tells me we was here when our people called the planet muu or the landmass Pangea( european name ) and our family has different ancient artifacts i mean alot of these jewels. We're just waiting for the perfect time to expose them to the public. By the way i look like your typical black person with a strong forehead, narrow high cheekbones , african nostril and racoon darting/buck eyes. I have European skin which burns in the sun but the melanin helps my skin to adjusts to high temperatures and high uv radiation unlike a typical European. #AFROCHEROKEE CREOLE BLACKFOOT"

    1. Wow , brotha I gotta re-post this post with your words about the Dna test... all I know my family said that they have always been here in north America...peace.

    2. Peace Marvin, and thanks for sharing my article. My family has said the same thing, at least the elders did.

  2. He made the mistake of telling the truth, and now, white supremacy made him say he's sorry for telling the TRUTH. It's too late the so-called African-Americans are starting to wake up to this LIE of coming from Africa. It was all about LAND THEFT. Europeans think that every piece of land belongs to them, they've been stealing land and pretending to be the aboriginals of said land for thousands of years. Now the truth is finally coming out.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. http://thefederalist.com/2016/08/04/how-washington-is-regulating-american-indians-to-death/

    This shit is #RealNativeIssues. What are you #afrocentric fucks fighting for? Nobody sane is in on your games. Woke moore? You're no more a moore and Native than you are more an American than natives. Citizen in the year 1924. . . .That's after #blacks were considered citizens.

    Why would
    1. Europeans take a whole continent /Hemisphere (N./central/S.America) from the #black #african #moors?

    2. Make up over 500 languages and Native Nations?

    3. Give it to the so called "mongoloid" (afrocentric term) race?

    4.Turn around and spend 80% of their budget on Native warfare to steal it back from the millions of natives, through genocide and slaughter?

    5. While the #black #african #american got to stay beside his white master, why was the landlords of the land forced to leave (TRAIL OF TEARS)?

    Come on! Your little opinions of a few delusional whites and #blacks claiming Aboriginal status is outdated by the documents you #afrocentric liars use as "EVIDENCE".

    TRUTH is in the language. And as far as I can tell. . . .You only and understand know a European language. NOT a copper toned aboriginal native American language!

    1. It's the usual racist excuse for not knowing himself no less us...he dosent know he's closer to white snd Asian than copper and plus mist natives today ate nit native

    2. The Native Americans are the only Copper toned people in the Americas, when your African ancestors were enslaved , they were not copper colored, they were the color of an " Egg Plant"!! Only breeding with your white masters, you became, more High Yellow!! You are not indigenous to America, probably not even to Africa, since it is the San People who are the ancient race, as ancestors of your Black Bantu ancestors. They are the Parent race to all black African Americans.

  5. Joseph horse. You are not a copper toned native American. Lol. Do you even know what copper tone is. You are not that. You are a Hollywood white indian.

    1. He is more Native than any of you delusionals. Black people are the color of eggplants, not copper. Do YOU know what copper color really is?! Obviously not. All I see from you turds, is self hate and jealousy of real native Americans. You can't speak native languages, you have no ties to the land, you hate being in nature, you are all afraid of water. You embrace your slave master religion. You know nothing of which makes one indigenous. You are spiteful, nasty, lying losers, who are jealous of real native Americans because they are the only real American race by genetics, and all you have is the DNA of your White Masters, and you enslaved black African ones. Poor losers!

  6. Joseph horse. You are not a copper toned native American. Lol. Do you even know what copper tone is. You are not that. You are a Hollywood white indian.

    1. A brand new penny is copper toned. Not a rusty ass one left in the gutter. (you). . . hollywood. Yeah, becuase i get paid to be a #Native.

    2. Anonymous8:34 AM

      A brand new penny is made out of zinc not copper. All pennies since 1982 are compromised for mostly zinc.Any coin collection or minting site will tell you thst. Original copper pennies are basically brown...Dark reddish brown.

    3. He say he gets pod to be a white indian it's clued welfare for lazy drunk no good injuns by the kkk

  7. Sorry all I see is a bunch of afrocentric parasites feeding of blacks desperate for an alternate indentity. It is a shame victimize your own people like that.

  8. What you see is blacks getting their identity back and it makes you uncomfortable

    1. Sister, we say we are the original man everywhere, why wouldn't we be. Dominant vs. recessive allele, learn this biology 101. People are upset we claiming everything ours, evidence is we are who we say we are, white people are so use to their word being law, that they feel they don't have to present evidence as we have done. Anyways sister, wishing we had started our history in here in the Americas before going to Africa, but that is good too. Question, who does the native US american culture remind you of China or Africa? Still so curious about the artifacts retrieved from the ancient mounds and pyramids all over the US. Thanks sis for initiating the discussion.

    2. Carmelita Robertson+ not welfare call it Rent for lands stolen by your white masters and their black slaves. And you and your mama and grandmas are the epitome of the welfare Cadilac queens that have 13 black babies, with no daddies in their lives. You have been on welfare since the released your ancestors from slavery. To this day, the black man gets more welfare than any other race. You pathetic loser! And guess what?! You still are ignorant and lazy, with your affirmative action. All you idiots do is watch youtube videos on how you are supposedly kangs and Quaans of Egypt,the real Vikings and the real native Americans ! You are too stupid Nikkas!

    3. Poookey Jay+ you ain't the original anything, anywhere out of Africa! You people never left, until the your white Massa dragged you out, kicking, screaming and crying all the way to America way after 1492. Black people are not seafarers because you are afraid of water! Like I said, you had to be dragged to America on a slave boat, before you left it!

  9. Scientist long discovered that first being on planet was of dark skin. Skin with melanin in it. Melanin or carbon which the pineal gland actually secrets is a basis on this planet. Hence things are carbon dated to tell how old they are. Also scientist tell you from proof of testing that the first child came from a aboriginal woman's womb. What you think the first two were copper toned and the rest came out white? Even the bible in which y'all follow tells you, "it all started with darkness." The original people of this planet are the only ones that can have a baby that can have a blond haired blue eyes baby or albino. All that is is curtain genes weren't passed down to the child. Two white people can not produce a dark skin, curly head child for those genes are not in them. Hence white people can track their ancestors to one general area on the planet, where all people of pigmentation can't. I know my skin in direct sunlight is dark reddish brown...Not Black. Now y'all have a good day.

  10. Ha ha! Your dumb! Donald Trump was talking about the Pequot Tribe of Conneticutt who have overwhelming amount of African admixture, and look nothing like real Native Americans. He even said " they don't even look indian to other Indians". Because the are mostly descended from The slave masters and African slaves. You are not Native American but descended from African slaves that have no Real Native American blood. You are just another sorry Afro-turd that is so jealous of real Natives because of their indigenous status and heritage as well as culture, and deep ties to their American homelands. Well your homelands remain in the Dark Continent of Africa! Well get over it loser, self hating Negro!

  11. That Alabama senator was insulting blacks when he called you a african aborigine, dummy! He meant you a nothing but savage African tribals, . Just like your cousins in Africa. Most normal black people know the are from Africa and are aborigines from there. Besides that, the indigenous of the Americas have never been called Aborigines, they were called the " Americans" they were the first to be called Americans. Since both blacks and whites are now considered American, the indigenous Americans are called Native Americans. If you are not of indigenous bloodline nor culture, you are not Native American, nor Autochthonious Americans. If you have no records or haplogroups A, B, C, D and X, you are not Native American or indigenous.

    1. The only Native I see is Joseph, everyone else are fake Muurs and wannabe indians! Pathetic!

  12. these so called natives have no respect for the American Aborigines but they are going to learn because we are here and we never left.. Chief Kalinago

  13. It's sad that copper colored people and mulatto Americans can not get along , just like the Kazar propaganda to get Israel , now they are killing off the people of that land , just like we have been told the Germans did to them . So we fight among ourselves , over who gets free money printed out of the sky . Wake up come together and work to a common goal , regardless of who was here first we lived together in peace . The real pale faces came and pitted us against each other while they prosper . Focus your efforts on that realization . Once they are gone we can work it out . Before we are all blacked out (aka Erased ) . There is more than enough for us to have once the oppressors are gone .

  14. You sorry ass cracker fucks are jealous as hell. �������� go get some sunlight & kill yourselves you pale fucking cunts.


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